GW Premiere: Liza Colby Sound's “Eye On You”

Article Contributed by Fiona Bloom | Published on Saturday, August 24, 2019

Sex, danger, and a psychedelic sonic swirl - welcome aboard a night with The Liza Colby Sound as the New York-based quartet goes interstellar. Jump on the rocket ship and trip out on a dose of LCS at home with the band’s debut full-length album, Object To Impossible Destination, out July 19, 2019. Object To Impossible Destination finds The Liza Colby Sound on a fresh odyssey. Their first full-length album after 3 well-received EPs, this 8-song collection distills down the essence of LCS.

In the words of frontwoman Liza Colby, “Object to Impossible Destination: 8 songs, 8 stops on a heavy trip through a rock and roll fever dream, extra headroom. Get off and stay onboard.” Here, the hooks are sharp, and the ensemble playing is spacious and vibey - attributes which are finely displayed on “Shake You” and “Eye On You.” “Shake You” is the razors edge between love and obsession; the space that relentlessly reminds us that all is fair in love and war. “Eye On You,” whose video premiered on Billboard, traverses a thick viscous stoner haze, and proto-metal riffage.

Naugahyde boogie thrills abide on “Cool Hand” which recalls the “light and shade” dynamics of Led Zeppelin and the sophisticated melodicism of Cream’s Jack Bruce. Musos will delight in the challenging time signature of “Young Girl,” though you don’t need a Berklee degree to shake your ass to this jam. Imagine the Delta blues transported to a 1970s Fillmore West night, and then beamed to 2019. The Liza Colby Sound quartet features seasoned musicians welding decades of experience, including Jay Shepard on guitar, Alec Morton on bass, and Charly Roth on drums. Powerhouse Liza Colby brings smooth vocals with a seductive, shamanistic twist on the classic rock n’ roll sound.


1. Cool Hand

2. Creep On

3. Try Me

4. Young Girl

5. Shake You

6. Eye On You

7. Oh Baby

8. Zero To Freakout

When she’s not prowling the stage clad only in a paper-thin leopard-print leotard with LCS, Liza Colby can be found featured on many other creative projects. From singing with Brass Against The Machine to building an acting career on Netflix’s Russian Doll (amongst others), Liza simply loves “doing creative stuff.” With artistry seeping at the seams, Liza uses her fiery and sensual presence to channel female independence, strength, and empowerment in a time where these themes seem more relevant and prevalent than ever.

There are many destinations up next for The Liza Colby Sound in 2019, including Stateside and another round of European touring, as well as NYC residency at Coney Island Baby on September 5th, 12th, and 19th. Like the album’s curious title—a tip of the hat to a slight of hand trick where an object in one space reappears inexplicably in another distant location— LCS will be spreading its psych-rock magic globally. NYC locals - catch them live at their upcoming residency in NY at LOLA on September 5th, 12th, and 19th.