GW Premiere: WHYJOHNNY's “Face Like A Ghost”

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Thursday, July 16, 2020

"Face Like a Ghost” is a song born out of a dream. I’ve always been fascinated by what dreams can reveal about a person once they wake up. I wanted to see what I could discover about myself through writing this song. Everytime I listen I think back to that dream and find a new interpretation.”

Additional background: Marked by a sense of songwriting craft, WHYJOHNNY combines nineties influences with a 21st-century, post-genre sonic lens, from the subterranean dreaminess of "Face Like A Ghost" to the richly textured "Still Wish You The Best.” Ethereal melodies are paired with sharp lyrics that create a sense of dramatic tension, underscored by a rhythmic momentum informed by the songwriter's background in percussion. WHYJOHNNY has built a name for himself in the NYC music scene, playing regularly at the downtown clubs like The Bitter End, The Standard, The Cutting Room and Arlene's Grocery. He's currently a student at Berklee and will be releasing his debut EP on July 31st.