Article Contributed by WTF Publicity | Published on Friday, February 10, 2023

Today Hematite release “Adios,” the group’s second single providing a snapshot of their upcoming “Speak of the Devil” EP set to release on March 3, 2023. The track transports listeners to a faraway place where metal influences and classic country music seamlessly intertwine. The duo, consisting of vocalist Davey Muise (Vanna, Trove) and guitarist/vocalist Andrew Gaultier (Big 50, To Speak of Wolves, He is Legend), are joining forces for a project that is unlike anything they have done before. Together, they are creating an experimental, gripping musical universe brimming with darkness and western charm:

“Adios was the first or second song Andrew and I sat down with. He sent over an older demo version and by the time I had vocals on it, he'd already had a sicker version in my inbox. To me, it's where it all started, where the vibes hit me and I was taken into this new journey. I'm excited to see the feeling ‘Adios’ gives folks who listen.” -HEMATITE

From the ashes of metal and heavy rock forged to create a new direction while taking pages out of timeless western and classic country, Hematite is doing twangy in their own eerie way. With vocalist Davey Muise (Vanna, Trove) and guitarist/vocalist Andrew Gaultier (Big 50, To Speak Of Wolves, He is Legend) steering this creepy beast, they’ve navigated down a dark country/western path of old with newer gothic twists and turns all along the ride. Like Tom Waits took a road trip with Nine Inch Nails and Johnny Cash was driving stoned. Hematite’s debut single Big Bad Wolf is now streaming everywhere and the boys have future plans to bring this gothic western party to us live. Keep an eye out for performance dates and a new EP on the horizon, Hematite is just getting started.