Honey Made Releases Title Track “Brand New”

Article Contributed by Press Junkie PR | Published on Saturday, October 31, 2020

The Austin based funk and soul band Honey Made follows up their recent EP, Couple Few, with their debut studio full length album Brand New. For Honey Made, the new album is an ode to looking forward, finding that newness in life that can make it so interesting, from love, to a journey, to a new musical venture, Brand New takes on so many meanings. Today they kick off the new records with the release of the title track, out now and available everywhere you stream music.

Today’s release of the title track and lead single, “Brand New,” had many meanings. Willie, lyric writer and singer, recalls “It’s the story about when you meet that person who takes you out of that dark place that seemed inescapable and shines a new light into your life. The funny thing is that I wrote this song about my wife when we started dating.” It is also a follow up to the story of a jilted lover in the song off the previous EP, “Like a Fool.” Wille continues, “We met, my wife and I, after both going through similar situations that I talk about in “Like a Fool.” A few years later we were married and we surprised her by playing “Brand New” to her during my vows. Everyone was in tears.” The song is also a nod to the fact that the band is brand new with a new attitude and sound. The new album Brand New features ten original tracks and display a diverse musical range from soul, funk, reggae to jazz elements.

Honey Made

Honey Made is a nine piece band, and an Austin, TX staple. They have uniquely honed their sound on stage and on many tours, with various iterations of the band before coming upon the final sonic signature for Honey Made. Willie Barnes II, vocalist and songwriter, comments “We are breathing fresh air into the soul genre. A lot of soul bands are trying to recreate a specific old school sound so much that there is no originality or advancement in the genre. This is a soul record on steroids.”

Honey Made consists of Willie Barnes II, Vocals; Donald R Ford Jr., Vocals; Brian Cokeley, Keys; Lee Braverman, Bass; Chris Barnes, Drums and Vocals; Mark Saldana, Percussion; Dustin Hunter, Tenor Saxophone and Baritone Saxophone; Joseph Morrow, Trumpet and Flugelhorn; and Donald McDaniel, Trombone. Together, their throwback sound recalls the likeness of soul legends James Brown, Sly and the Family Stone, and Earth Wind and Fire and adds a modern take on slamming primal soul fused with their R&B roots. A great sound that drew the very talented Grammy Award winning producer Steve Berlin to the project.


Honey Made came together in 2018 honing their classic sound on stage both locally and nationally, and have shared the stage with the likes of George Clinton & the Parliament Funkadelic, Sierra Leone Refugee Allstars, The Motet, Lee Fields, Roxy Roca and Flow Tribe, to name a few. They have become known as one of the best live bands and party bands in Austin, TX, and in the age of COVID, they plan to get back on stage and in front of audiences as soon as they can. For now fans can catch their live stream record release party on Purple Bee-TV on November 6th. And in Austin, at the Far Out Lounge on November 19th.
Brand New is the debut studio album from Honey Made due out November 6th, 2020!

“Chicken Sweats”

“Band New”

“Steppin Out”

“Be True”


“Can You Feel It”

“Canadian Mist”

“Like You”

“Southern Fried Funk”

“So Good”