H.O.R.D.E. alum Crugie returns with Super User Friendly

Article Contributed by Sniff These Records | Published on Saturday, October 8, 2022

Crugie Riccio, of the ‘90s Hoboken, NJ power trio (later quartet) Cycomotogoat, and Bobby Lurie (AKA Blurry), a veteran drummer who’s played with jazz greats Buddy Collette and Dewey Redman, have formed the songwriting and recording duo Super User Friendly. They have released their debut double LP Señor Gato on Sniff These Records.

Crugie’s high school friendship with Blues Traveler’s John Popper sparked numerous collaborations. Popper played harmonica on “You’re So Fine” on Cycomotogoat’s 1992 self-titled EP and on the aptly titled “Harmonica” on their 1996 album Braille. Cycomotogoat toured with H.O.R.D.E. from 1993 to 1996 in support of their EP, 1994 album Alkaline, and Braille. Popper later invited ¾ of Cycomotogoat to record and subsequently tour with him for his 1999 solo album Zygote. Crugie wrote the song “Tip the Domino” and the music for the tracks “Lunatic” and “Open Letter.”

The Señor Gato double LP consists of two vibrantly colored 180-gram vinyl records (in yellow and hot pink) with a gatefold cover and record sleeves illustrated by Crugie. While the album’s digital format features 15 tracks, the vinyl package includes a bonus 16th track, Side D’s “Super User Medley.”

The album features guest performances by:

Rob Clores - Keyboards (Jesse Malin, The Black Crowes, Cycomotogoat)

Catherine Bent - Cello (Joe Jackson, Lee Konitz, Tiny Lights)

Mike McGinnis - Horns (Gino Sitson, Yo La Tengo, Anthony Braxton)

Kristen Eck of BumbleBee Radio called Señor Gato “a strange yet fascinating musical excursion that has hints of Zappa and The Flaming Lips.” Jim Testa of Jersey Beat wrote “like certain hallucinogenic substances, Super User Friendly…can result in a pleasurable trip.”

Visit www.superuserfriendly.com for more information. Listen to and buy the album on the Super User Friendly Bandcamp page.