Imagine a World Where Music Industry Crew is Supported

Article Contributed by Cervantes Mast… | Published on Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Imagine a world where we’re back to dancing to live music! This reality might seem a bit far away, and that’s why our friends that work in the live event industry need your support through this intermission. Their specialized skill sets do not apply to other industries and with unemployment being high right now, they’re unable to find another source of income. So far, Positive Legacy has raised and distributed over $65,000 to live event industry workers to help provide support for rent, groceries and utilities. 

COVID-19 Relief Funding recipient Julien in New Orleans shared, "Allow me to personally thank you for approving my application. I am totally thankful for the efforts of everyone at Positive Legacy. Facing financial difficulty in these unprecedented times, this grant is of incredible help. Thank you!” 

Together, we’ve achieved a lot but our work doesn’t stop here. We need to continue our relief funding, as the industry is still unable to return to work. Help us by committing to Make Monthly Magic and 'Become a Positive Legacy Leaver' today! Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much!

Sign up today as a monthly donor to receive a special gift! When you elect to become a recurring, monthly donor with Positive Legacy, you will Make Monthly Magic by committing to the communities we serve and to improving the environment. This easy and efficient way of giving provides Positive Legacy with a reliable income stream, allowing us to focus more on helping integrate music and service to benefit people and the environment to create a lasting impact. Plus, your monthly gift reduces our administrative costs so we can put even more of your donation dollars to work for people and the planet!

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