Jam Session Outside John Hickenlooper’s Office

Article Contributed by TCB Public Relations | Published on Friday, March 26, 2021

On April 2 a group of Colorado banjo players will congregate in front of Senator Hickenlooper’s office at the Federal Building in Denver as part of Recovery Recess (3/29 - 4/11), a grass roots initiative by the Working Families Party and dozens of other progressive organizations in an effort to pass the THRIVE Agenda.

Senator Hickenlooper is one of a few democrats who has not signed on to support the THRIVE Agenda, which is one of the most monumental reconstruction acts. The THRIVE Agenda will invest $1 trillion a year into creating 15 million good climate and care jobs and advancing gender, economic and racial justice and address racial inequalities that have been further aggravated by the pandemic.

Why banjo players, you ask? Well, Hickenlooper is a banjoist himself so this will surely get his attention!