The Jauntee Releases Fall 2019 Highlights Playlist

Article Contributed by Ever Upward En… | Published on Monday, December 9, 2019

The Jauntee's following continue to spread in a cult-like manner, which is not hard to see why. The band not only has an ability to engage their fans musically on the next level, but one that allows fans to engage with each other. The band's online community and forums are essentially trading posts of fans that exchange the best improv moments of any given song over the band's career, always eager to find the next best jam.

A testament to this has come merely one week after their Fall tour came to an end, when one The Jauntee fan (coined a 'Space Monkey') released a soundcloud playlist which consists of all the best jams of the band's fall tour which spanned 17 dates over the last month.

The Jauntee have always appreciated and supported tapers at their performances and this is apparent if you've been to one of their shows. The band self-records and mixes all of their shows which are available on shortly after completion of the night. This compilation comes from The Jauntee tracks which all readily available online, for the love of music.

The Jauntee Fall 2019 Highlights

The Jauntee

Newest Live Release 'Jaunts of Our Lives' :

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In a world filled with instant gratification, gimmicky over saturation and a lack of true improvisation, The Jauntee pays tribute to music’s ability to transcend simple entertainment and cultivate a truly distinctive experience. The Jauntee has fostered a musical community based on a breadth of original material that engages fans through nightly exploration and risk taking. Averaging over one hundred shows a year, with each containing a unique set list and their own special improvisational moments, the band is constantly expanding upon what defines them and their live performances.

With almost a decade’s worth of touring experience; appearances at major festivals such as Peach Fest, Catskill Chill, and Resonance; and 36 states toured with stops at national touring staples such as Brooklyn Bowl, Georgia Theatre, and the Paradise Rock Club, The Jauntee have been nurturing a fanbase of dedicated followers who are inspired by their music and willing to travel to see what the band has in store next. Fans that thoroughly analyze their music, track their set lists and passionately promote their music. The Jauntee makes each night an exciting prospect of a new shared experience with bust-outs, fresh jamming, poignant covers, and accessible songwriting.

The Jauntee is:
Scott Ferber – Drums
Caton Sollenberger – Guitar
Tyler Adams – Keyboards
John Loland – Bass