Jefferson Berry & the UAC Announce a Livestream

Article Contributed by Mixtape Media | Published on Monday, October 5, 2020

Jefferson Berry & the UAC will air their live concert performance, The UAC Porch Show on October 10th. Shot on location at Jefferson’s home in the Fairmount neighborhood in Philadelphia, the six-camera shoot features the UAC performing songs from their third full length album, Double Deadbolt Logic, released this spring.  The UAC Porch Show will air simultaneously on the band’s official website and via their Facebook and YouTube channels at 2 PM EST and again at 7 PM EST on October 10th.
“Releasing an album in the middle of the pandemic has had its challenges,” says Jefferson.  “We scheduled a bunch of record release parties, but we got to play one, March 5th. Five months went by without seeing the band.
“I got my neighbors to agree to a block party, only to have the city turn us down for all the right COVID reasons.  Too many outdoor events had turned into drunken, virus-spreading bacchanals. Once we committed to a six-camera stream on YouTube, Facebook and TikTok, the key to the show’s success was to grow the production. Drone and hand-held cameras. Top shelf live sound. A documentary still photographer. A catered lunch for the band and the neighbors, everyone masked up. It was going to be a blast, but was the show going to be any good? With no rehearsals? What else could go wrong?

Philadelphia’s Jefferson Berry & the UAC

When the day came, we had some rain to deal with. Our drummer felt it was going to be too risky, COVID-wise. So, Uncle Mike (Damora) got Caleb Esty to do the show. He did some serious woodshedding on the set.  I only met him the day of the show, but he killed it. 

The biggest takeaway from the show was the performances of Bud Burroughs, Dave Brown and Marky B! (Berkowitz). So many of my songs are written to what these comrades do. These guys are the best soloists in town and it showed that day. With no rehearsals?  I think it came out great, no?”