Jeremy Garrett and Jon Stickley bring explosive energy to “I’m Not The Enemy”

Article Contributed by Organic Records | Published on Sunday, June 6, 2021

When two masterful performers come together in the studio, the results can be magic, and that’s certainly true of the latest single from Organic Records’ Jeremy Garrett, a blistering duet that features the talented fiddler/singer/songwriter and his labelmate, guitarist Jon Stickley.  Written by Garrett and acclaimed songwriter John Pennell (“Every Time You Say Goodbye,” “Meat And Potatoes Man”) during the former’s years-long residence in the Nashville area, “I’m Not The Enemy” — long a staple of Garrett’s live sets — offers a heartfelt vocal, ripping solos and, most of all, rich, ever-changing interplay between Garrett and Stickley.

Garrett recalls the song’s modest origins: “We were just trying to write a driving bluegrass song about something a little different than the usual bluegrass song about trains, old times, or old dogs,” he notes. “We all probably have that friend that is a little too casual with us sometimes — one that might be grumpy, but you know they are a beautiful person; it just doesn’t show on them outwardly to most people. Perhaps it’s a relationship where one is treating another with certain disrespect. That’s what ‘I’m Not The Enemy’ is about — sending a message that reminds those types of people in our lives that we aren’t to be enemies. We are the ones that love you!”

To me, this song is quintessential Jeremy Garrett,” says Stickley. “It’s really powerful and bluesy and has a personal story behind it. We recorded it live in the studio, and the energy was just explosive! I had a blast recording this tune as a duo with one of the most epic musicians I know.”

“We trade a few solos back and forth on this one,” adds Garrett.  “Jon captured perfectly how I envisioned the guitar on this track to be, and then some. If you like hard driving bluegrass with guitar and fiddle, give this song a spin and enjoy!”

Listen to "I'm Not The Enemy" HERE.