Jimmy Buffett's "University of Bourbon Street" Music Video: A Nostalgic Journey Through New Orleans with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Article Contributed by The Press House | Published on Friday, March 8, 2024

Celebrating the city that deeply influenced his music and joyful outlook on life, the release of the music video for "University of Bourbon Street" displays Jimmy Buffett's love affair with New Orleans. This standout track from his final album, Equal Strain On All Parts, features the legendary Preservation Hall Jazz Band and encapsulates the spirit of the city that left an indelible impact on Buffett.

"University of Bourbon Street” (Mailboat Records, distributed by Sun Records)  is an autobiographical anthem where Buffett reminisces about his transformative years in New Orleans. The song and video together capture the essence of the city's lively streets, its rich musical heritage, and the joyous, unbridled festivities that can only be found in the heart of NOLA. Buffett's lyrics narrate his journey from Mississippi to New Orleans, where he was educated not in classrooms but through the city's vibrant street life, its music, and its culture.

The music video is a time capsule, featuring clips of Jimmy Buffett in New Orleans from the 1970s to recent days, alongside studio footage of the recording session with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. It's a heartfelt homage to the city that Buffett adored, showcasing his deep connection to its music, culture and community.

From his early experiences in the city that served as his "museum" to his declaration of the University of Bourbon Street as his alma mater, Buffett's journey is a testament to the profound influence New Orleans had on his music and life. The video invites fans to follow in Buffett's dancing footsteps, exploring the rich tapestry of experiences that the city offers.

Reflecting on the significance of New Orleans to his life and career, Buffett once responded to a question from CBS Reporter Tracy Smith ("“Do you think there would be a Jimmy Buffett if there wasn’t a New Orleans?”) by laughing and saying, “That’s a very interesting question! I don’t think there ever would have been!”

Recorded in 2023, the song "University of Bourbon Street” was co-written by Buffett and Will Kimbrough and co-produced by Michael Utley and Mac McAnally. It features the talents of Preservation Hall Jazz Band members Ben Jaffe, Ronell Johnson, Charles Gabriel, Kevin Louis, and Clinton Maedgen.

As fans enjoy the "University of Bourbon Street" music video, they are reminded of Jimmy Buffett's unique ability to capture the spirit of New Orleans. It's a fitting tribute to both the artist and the city he loved, ensuring that the party goes on in true Buffett style: “Laissez les bon temps rouler!"