Joe Russo's Almost Dead | Greek Theatre | 10/14/23

Article Contributed by David Saxum | Published on Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Under the mystical glow of the Griffith Observatory, the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles transformed into a haven of psychedelic wonder on the night of October 14th, as Joe Russo's Almost Dead took the stage. This iconic venue, with its amphitheater-like seating, ensured that every note reached the ears of eager fans, turning the evening into an enchanting journey through the Grateful Dead's timeless catalog.

Marco Benevento

From the moment the first chord was struck, it was evident that Joe Russo's Almost Dead was not merely any band but a group of passionate musicians who reveled in the music they played. The joy emanating from each band member was palpable, as they delivered a performance that was nothing short of mesmerizing. They didn't just play songs; they inhabited them, allowing the music to take them on ethereal journeys that delighted the audience.

Tom Hamilton

What set this night apart was the band's penchant for those long, transcendent solos. It was as if they had harnessed the spirit of the Grateful Dead themselves, taking the audience on psychedelic trips through soundscapes that were both otherworldly and intimate. Fans in the crowd were in a trance from the first note until the final encore, dancing and swaying as one in perfect harmony. The intertwining melodies and soaring crescendos created an ethereal atmosphere that was impossible to resist.

Joe Russo's Almost Dead

As the band played on, it was fascinating to see the diverse audience in attendance. From seasoned Deadheads who had followed the Grateful Dead from the beginning to a new generation of fans, all ages were represented, drawn together by the enchanting power of the music. The Greek Theatre seemed to breathe, with fans blending and merging just as the musicians on stage blended and merged their musical talents. It was a testament to the timeless appeal of the Grateful Dead's music, a phenomenon that bridges generations and fosters a sense of unity among its devotees.

Scott Metzger

The true magic of the evening, however, lay in the sense of community that enveloped the venue. The audience, diverse as it was, felt like a family brought together by their shared love for the music. Strangers became friends, dancing and swaying in unison, connected through the transcendent notes played on stage.

Dave Dreiwitz

And those on stage were equally entranced by the night's spell. The band members exchanged knowing glances and smiles, their admiration for one another's musical prowess evident. As they seamlessly passed off solos from one to the other, it was as if they were sharing secrets with each other through their instruments, celebrating the connection between musicians that makes live performances truly magical.

Joe Russo | Los Angeles, CA

In the hallowed space below the Griffith Observatory, Joe Russo's Almost Dead delivered a performance that transcended the ordinary and transported the audience to a realm of psychedelic wonder. It was a night to be remembered, where the boundaries between band and audience, young and old, and reality and transcendence all blurred into one beautiful, harmonious experience.