Jon Stickley Trio captures the thrill of the hunt with “Golden Eagle”

Article Contributed by Organic Records | Published on Saturday, September 11, 2021

Back in the studio after beginning to return to live performance, Organic Records’ Jon Stickley Trio serves up another round of the acoustic guitar-violin-drum ensemble’s immediately recognizable sound with “Golden Eagle.” Combining the passionate intensity of in-the-moment improvisation with a witty, sophisticated approach to composition, “Golden Eagle” is a quintessential Trio number that goes a long way in explaining their growing appeal to fans from across the musical spectrum.

Opening with a flourish from drummer Hunter Deacon, “Golden Eagle” dives right into its first theme, with snarling, rhythmic guitar interrupted by lightning chromatic runs accompanied by Lyndsay Pruett’s energetic violin, then settles into a more lyrical passage that gives center stage to the latter, whose powerful bow arm leads back to the opening feel — this time with the violin holding on to the spotlight. A middle section focuses on a searing solo from guitarist Stickley as Pruett uses pizzicato figures alongside Deacon’s steady drumming to provide sympathetic backing. The virtuosic yet always accessible performance concludes with another visit to lyricism over increasingly active drumming before subsiding to a final contemplative chord — and in just under five minutes, the Trio has taken listeners on a complete journey.

“Over the pandemic break we just had, I spent a lot of time looking out the window with our infant son,” notes recent father Stickley. “We noticed a pair of Golden Eagles had made their home in a tree across the street. Every day we saw them dive bomb and hunt their prey, working together to deliver the food back to their nest. ‘Golden Eagle’ was inspired by this family of eagles that we watched grow. The rapid-fire drums and guitar represent the intensity of the hunt. As the tune progresses, it eases into the feeling of joyful accomplishment of bringing new life into the world. This piece really gives Hunter a chance to let loose on the kit, churning out a blast of rhythms that tell a story of their own.” 

Listen to "Golden Eagle" HERE.