Joseph Shipp Unveils New Single "Dig Deep" from Upcoming Album

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Friday, July 5, 2024

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Joseph Shipp, known for his critically acclaimed debut album "Free, for a While," is set to release his sophomore album, "Dig Deep," on October 4th, 2024. The title track, "Dig Deep," is a spellbinding song that delves into themes of mysticism, longing, and the search for meaning. This analog track, recorded directly to tape with an open-tuned acoustic guitar, evokes a sense of wistfulness and magic. Despite its cosmic ponderings, there is a grounding undercurrent that reminds listeners to find solace in the present moment.

Joseph Shipp's new nine-song album explores fresh creative territories, seeking to find the magic in the mundane. If Shipp was looking for a bit of freedom on his first LP, he's found a hidden stash that might allow him to linger a bit longer. This is raw, human music that feels of another time, yet remains firmly grounded in the here and now.

About Joseph Shipp:

Joseph Shipp is a multifaceted artist who weaves threads of music, design, and photography into a rich, colorful career that defies conventional boundaries. Born between the storied musical cities of Nashville and Memphis, Shipp’s creative journey is one of constant evolution, driven by an insatiable curiosity and a deep reverence for the power of art.

The son of a second-generation photographer, Shipp’s musical influences were shaped early on by the eclectic tastes of his dad, with sounds of Neil Young, Leo Kottke, traditional Irish folk, and Classical music filling the air. Inspired by Kurt Cobain, he started learning guitar at age 12 and began writing songs at 18. While living in San Francisco, Shipp and his wife, also a musician and designer, became immersed in Old Time and Bluegrass music. The duo, known as The Family Shipp, performed traditional folk music, with Shipp on fiddle and his wife on banjo.

After six formative years in northern California working in brand design and strategy, Shipp and his wife moved back to the slower-paced Nashville to start a family. Now, eight years later, they are raising two robust sons.

Music careers usually don’t begin at age 40, but Shipp defied expectations with his debut album, “Free, for a While,” released in October 2022. With "Dig Deep," he aims to erase any doubts about his commitment to his musical venture.

Release Details:

  • Artist: Joseph Shipp
  • Single: Dig Deep
  • Single Release Date: June 6th, 2024
  • Album: Dig Deep
  • Album Release Date: October 4th, 2024
  • Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Alternative Folk, Indie Folk


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