Josh Cleveland releases new track, "Home"

Article Contributed by Two Story Media | Published on Thursday, December 23, 2021

Josh Cleveland’s new track, “Home”, captures the comfort of being with the  right person, even (and maybe especially) in the midst of mayhem. Driven by a steady acoustic guitar line and supplemented by sweet harmonies from Family Three, it’s an americana-blues track with an assured sense of place and an instantly catchy hook:

“Yesterday I felt like the world was right and well / That’s when I’m home,” Josh sings, walking down a melody line that settles into resolution on the repeat: “That’s when I know I’m home.”

The release is the latest proof that Cleveland’s reputation as a Minnesotan favorite is well-deserved; a steady string of shows and releases have led to critical acclaim for his emotive songwriting and distinctive vocals. Music in Minnesota noted that "Josh’s voice centers the music. His ability to shift to falsetto, like a Corvette shifts gears, is effortless and smooth."

Born and raised in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Josh has always been enthralled with and surrounded by music. Whether it was hymns in church or Stevie Wonder on the radio, Josh’s steps have always had a soundtrack. For the past two decades Josh has been adding his own songs to this soundtrack.

In his own words: “I want my music to mean something. I want, if only for a moment, my songs to connect my story to the stories of those listening. Heart to heart, beat for beat.”

“Home” supersedes more singles to be released in 2022.