Karina Rykman, NYC Bassist, Drops New Single "Arbitrary"

Article Contributed by The Regime | Published on Friday, August 13, 2021

NYC bassist Karina Rykman carves out an ethereal and groove-filled creative space to call her own with her sixth single “Arbitrary” out TODAY, August 13th, 2021. Listen HERE.

“Arbitrary” comes on the heels of previously-released singles “No Occasion,” “Dirty South,” “City Kids,” “Elevator,” and “Plants.”

"Arbitrary is the weirdo, slacker, groove-based tune I've been hearing in my head for ages. It was created at Candid Studios in Williamsburg with producer Gabe Monro, whom I have the sincere pleasure of working with. Adam November contributed some amazing ambiance created with two DL4s and many, many delays.” Karina states.

“I wanted to write a bass line you would want to actually live inside of, with words that reflect the erratic and whimsical nature of the world. It's sort of the Jekyll to my last single's ('No Occasion') Hyde - I feel I'm starting to paint a bigger picture of my eclectic tendencies, and I'm thrilled to unleash Arbitrary out into the world. Play it loud, bass up, bliss out, and enjoy. Impulse is often to the contrary, especially when everything is arbitrary.”

You may know Karina as the bassist of the Marco Benevento Trio, but her freshly-formed namesake band, featuring Adam November on guitar (and loopers and effects) and Chris Corsico on drums, is already off to the races  garnering countless festival appearances, club gigs, and streaming numbers.  Whether she’s touring around the world with Marco Benevento, jamming with Phish at their Madison Square Garden soundcheck, or opening a major show like Khruangbin at The Capitol Theatre, you can always find Karina honing her musical craft and prowess, and enjoying every second of it.