Kathryn Colina's Debut EP "Recovery" Out January 17, 2020

Article Contributed by Mixtape Media | Published on Thursday, November 21, 2019

On January 17th, singer and songwriter, Kathryn Colina, will release her debut EP titled, Recovery. The EP was produced by Kevin Leach AKA Sonic Pilot (The Lumineers, ABC’s Nashville) and engineered by Nathan Dantzler (Niall Horan, Hey Violet.) Colina’s first single, “Novocaine” premiered on Americana Highways who cheered, “There’s an aura of fresh energy around Kathryn Colina, and this project, Recovery, will deliver it to you on a powerful gust of wind this fall.”  
The six songs in the collection were written following a traumatic car accident that left Colina temporarily wheelchair bound, dependent on pain killing medication and struggling with PTSD. The songs were born after a yearlong recovery period and were sparked by a visit to a holistic doctor who correctly identified the source of her increasingly severe, painful leg tremors – a misaligned disk in the middle of her back – and quickly returned the disk back to its proper position.  With her body back on track, Colina returned to her passion, singing and songwriting. 

“Once I immersed myself in music, I noticed that my PTSD began washing away and my brain finally started to heal,” Colina says. “I truly believe that music was my pathway to recovery, and without it I would’ve been stuck in an endless cycle of doubt and fear.” 

Kathryn Colina decided to settle in Nashville after graduating from Vanderbilt University and culled from 200 songs that she had written for Recovery.  The six songs that made the cut were written prior to the accident, but recorded and arranged following a period of healing.  The EP offers an eclectic collection of songs – some are acoustic and Americana leaning and some skew more pop.  All in all, the songs offer a glimpse of a young songwriter who is filled with hope, finding her voice and healing her mind and body through music.

“After a year of misdiagnosis and countless doctor appointments, I began to lose hope that I would ever function normally again in society. I lost all confidence in myself, in my ability to create music, and truly lost sight of who I was as a person. By January 2018, I found a holistic doctor who helped get me off all of my meds and through a lot of physical therapy, I began walking again. Even though I was physically getting better, my mind was still stuck in this mentality of fear. I remember thinking and even wrote down in my journal that I needed to lean into my passion for music to somehow find a way to fit in this world. It wasn’t until I met my producer in July of that year that I began to see a brighter future. Being in the studio, immersing myself in music everyday, I began to find my purpose again. It wasn’t immediate but, little by little, I began to feel my mind wake up again and everything felt a little easier, more manageable. I truly attribute my ability to recover to the unknown way in which music magically enters our brains and heals what’s broken. This album saved me in more ways than I could count and I am so grateful that I am now able to share these songs as a message of hope to anyone out there who may be going through a tough time.”