Kendall Street Company Release New Music Video "Shanti the Dolphin"

Article Contributed by LiveLoud | Published on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Virginia’s breakout band Kendall Street Company (KSC) is proud to unveil their brand new animated music video for 'Shanti the Dolphin'. 'Shanti the Dolphin' is the first single from Kendall Street Company’s recently released coastal themed album The Nautical Aquatical (out June 6, 2020). In celebration of the release, Kendall Street Company is harnessing their creativity and resourcefulness while the music industry is shut down, and will host live and archival streaming sets online, along with a small handful of intimate, socially distant crowd-sourced shows, this summer. In addition, the band recently partnered with Charlottesville, Virginia’s visitor's bureau to produce a video, featuring KSC’s fan-favorite track “Space For Days,” to highlight their hometown’s local community and businesses.

The Nautical Aquatical marks Kendall Street Company’s fourth album release since their 2016 debut album Earth Turns. While each of Kendall Street Company’s albums has a unique identity, The Nautical Aquatical highlights the band’s more whimsical and humorous side. The six-track album takes listeners on an underwater journey as it chronicles the lives of subaquatic friends Shanti The Dolphin, Stanley the Oyster, Stephen the Manly Clam, and Ernie the Eel. The collection, fittingly recorded on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Miami, features high-energy horns, and a diverse range of genres such as psychedelic, surf-rock, jazz, improvised rock and more.

The first single off the album “Shanti the Dolphin” is a playful representation of the album’s feel-good, groove-infused vibe that was made for summer and late-night dance parties. The animated video, accompanied by an upbeat melody, finds ‘Shanti’ beneath the sea, joined by his friends, riddled with the struggles of an intoxicated lifestyle. “What started as a silly song about my five-year-old niece’s favorite statue of ‘Shanti the Dolphin’ in Virginia Beach (pictured at the end of the video), ended up taking on a life of its own” says Ben Laderberg (Electric Guitar). “The result is a rock-fueled underwater odyssey featuring a well-intentioned dolphin leading an increasingly seedy lifestyle.” Listen to the full album The Nautical Aquatical HERE, and watch the full animated video for “Shanti the Dolphin” HERE.

As a testament to the band’s strong relationship with their hometown of Charlottesville, VA, Kendall Street Company’s positive spirit and high-energy sound recently attracted the attention of the city’s visitors bureau. With the intent of welcoming visitors back to Charlottesville & Albemarle County, the band created a video called "Join Us When You Can" using their song “Space For Days,” as the soundtrack. The video, which was produced by KSC, invites Charlottesville residents and visitors to return to local businesses when they feel it’s safe to go back out. “Join Us When You Can” sends a hopeful message that the beloved Charlottesville charm will remain intact, and business owners will be waiting for you on the other side. Watch the video for “Join Us When You Can” HERE.

Although the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has prevented the band from touring in their normal proportions (approx. 120 shows per year), Kendall Street Company is showing no signs of slowing down. In place of live shows in traditional music venues, KSC has responded by producing crowd-sourced, socially-distant shows to small groups of fans of 50 or fewer. Over Fourth of July weekend, the band performed along the I-64 West corridor to safely sized crowds in Charlottesville, VA, and Virginia Beach, VA. This summer, look for the band to continue safely delivering smiles and good vibes both digitally and physically. More information will be announced soon!

The Nautical Aquatical is currently available on all major streaming services HERE, and vinyl pressings of the album can be purchased through the band's website. For more information on Kendall Street Company, visit