Lena Belle set to release "Nature Knows"

Article Contributed by Resonator Arts | Published on Thursday, January 31, 2019

NYC singer, pianist, and songwriter Lena Belle announces the release of her latest single “Nature Knows” (2/07/19). A tapestry of jazzy keyboards, danceable beat, crystal clear vocals, healing frequencies, and nature sounds, this track wraps you in a warm embrace. Its message reminds us that nature knows how to heal, and sometimes all we have to do is take some time in nature to let go and start again. The track, and Lena herself is part of a larger trend of spiritually conscious music, that expresses the evolution of consciousness mankind is currently experiencing. Artists such as Trevor Hall, Ajeet Kaur, Rising Appalachia, etc, are carrying forward this musical evolution as well.

As Lena describes, “It is clear that this type of music is at the forefront of the future. Conscious music festivals such as Burning Man, Lovelight Festival, Wanderlust, Karma Fest, and countless others are cropping up everywhere”. She continues, “People are looking for fun music they can dance to, but that also feeds their soul and inspires them to be free. This is what ‘Nature Knows’ does. It makes you want to dance, connect with life itself, and let go of everything else”.


Songstress of the light, Lena Belle, sings from a deep love in her soul and shares that love with the world. Her lyrics connect our hearts to nature and the wisdom of our innermost selves. Her joyful mix of crystal clear, soaring vocals, inventive beats, solfeggio frequencies, and healing sounds weave a tapestry of love that is a breath of fresh air for the listener. Her single Nature Knows, (releasing February 7th on all platforms) reminds us to get out in nature and let go, remembering we are always held and loved by the Earth.

Originally from San Diego, born of an Italian family, raised on Sicilian food and music, she currently lives, performs, and offers sound healing in New York City. Lena Belle travels around the world offering music performances, voice activation workshops, and sound healing.

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