A look back at the Grateful Dead's Raceway Park show

Article Contributed by Backstage Flash | Published on Friday, September 3, 2021

September 3rd, 1977 signifies the day my journey into the Grateful Dead Culture began. At 15 years old I was not sure what I was getting involved in but took a chance anyway. It was a time in my life full of exploration and adventure and all of these other people including the band seemed to be on the same path. There were no high tech amenities like we have today. The people were the device and we all moved carefully and respectfully around the planet looking for our bliss. The movement was adventurous and unpredictable with an adaptive nature that most of the time worked out. The most important lesson the decades of following the band taught me was respecting my fellow brothers and sisters, and learning how to give and receive love. The journey is still happening it’s just different now, the times have changed and the simplicity of how we once got by on our own and with our fellow travelers is just a swipe away. Following the good ole' Grateful Dead around was time well spent as many relationships were harnessed in the lots and the fields. Many of those people I met are still a part of my life and that’s what it was all about. Thanks to the Grateful Dead for providing the infrastructure and the songs to fill the air.


I bought the following month's issue of Rolling Stone magazine pictured above - It has survived these past 44 years as did I.