Lord Huron | "Long Lost" | Review

Article Contributed by Gibson Shaffer | Published on Friday, April 23, 2021

On the edge of their new album release “Long Lost'' which will be available for streaming May 21, Lord Huron gave their fans a glimpse of what to expect with their new title track “Long Lost”. Accompanied by their two most recent releases “Mine Forever” and “Not Dead Yet” which they shared with the world earlier this year.

Lord Huron first made a name for themselves with their debut album Lonesome Dreams and shortly after Strange Tales, which featured the triple-platinum single “The Night We Met,” a song that put Lord Huron on the big map and became an indie anthem for fans around the world.

The band continues to influence listeners with their unique sound and meaningful lyrics, pulling them into the soulful sound of each song while leaving them with a longing for something more. It’s obvious that fans were waiting in anticipation for new music from Lord Huron, as “Mine Forever” and “Not Dead Yet” accumulated over 2.5 millon streams quickly after their release.

photo by moran

“Long Lost” followed the heartbreak tune of “Mine Forever” and the comeback track “Not Dead Yet” painting the picture of finding yourself in the beauty of the world we live in. The song starts off with the lyrics, “Leave me where the light pours down through the trees like rain, let it wash over me like a flood, let it ease my pain, let it drown me.” As the soft acoustic guitar and dusty tambourine lead into the chorus the lyrics continue, “Send me to the mountains let me go free forever, I'll be running through the forest dancing in the fields like this forever,” a feeling we can all relate too. The cinematic strings bring it all together, as the song finishes saying “I've got a place in the world and I found my way out in the night all alone, in the way out there. I ain't lonely, I'm long lost.”

With lyrics that read like poetry and an ensemble of instruments that flow like fresh honey, “Long Lost” is a song that fills your ears with a bliss only reached in the present moments of life. Bringing the mind back to what is important, the song captures how it feels to live freely and find yourself in the small moments around you. A tale of freedom and rediscovery, I myself am feeling long lost in the best way.

As the title track to the upcoming album, we can expect the project as a whole to reach the part of the heart that “Long Lost” uncovered. Something to look forward to in the next month, here is the tracklist for Lord Hurons newest album:

Long Lost Track List:

The Moon Doesn’t Mind

Mine Forever

(One Helluva Performer)

Love Me Like You Used To

Meet Me in The City

(Sing For Us Tonight)

Long Lost

Twenty Long Years

Drops in the Lake

Where Did the Time Go

Not Dead Yet

(Deep Down Inside Ya)

I Lied

At Sea

What Do It Mean

Time’s Blur