Lost Leaders Unveil Their New Video for “Foolish Heart”

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Friday, June 10, 2022

Grateful Web is delighted to bring you Lost Leader’s new video for “Foolish Heart.”  Lost Leaders is the partnership of Lumineers bassist Byron Isaacs and songwriter and guitarist Peter Cole. It’s the second single from the forthcoming Jealous Sun E.P. (July 2022)

To help distill & realize their vision, the pair teamed up with Director and filmmaker Jordan Tetwesky. “I had acted in a few of Jordan’s movies and he’d shot some promo stuff for us in the past and we loved working with him” says Cole. Tetewsky wanted to play with the dynamic between Cole & Isaacs. “There is so much fun energy and sarcastic humor between them and I wanted to work off of that” Tetewsky says “which lead to the whole idea of competition and how distorted our views of what’s actually happening in a relationship can be when we feel like we’re ‘losing’” he adds, “and what better vehicle for that than sports!”

“Byron and I loved the idea of a funny video against a heavier sounding track and were keen to avoid the overly earnest thing that bands can fall into in videos” Cole said. “Neither of us are athletic in the least so it was hilarious to be playing tennis and basketball and whatever. It would take a dozen takes just to get a single shot of me hitting a baseball, and the notion of me netting a basketball is ludicrous.”

But the comedic approach to the video belies the more sincere impetus for the song. “Foolish Heart is about inner turmoil and not knowing how to proceed in a relationship. Specifically, for me, it is about the frustrations of parenting” says Isaacs about the catalyst for his lyric. The theme struck a chord with Peter, “I could really relate to where Byron was coming from with this song. I have a child with intellectual and developmental disabilities which really forces you to think about your goals as a parent and the divide between what you want to do and what you’re gonna do”. PRE-SAVE


June 23            Port Chester, NY          Garcia’s

June 30            Woodstock, NY            The Colony

July 1               Saratoga Springs, NY   Café Lena

Oct 9                Pawling, NY                 Darryl’s House

photo credit David Doobinin