Lost Ox Unveils 'Tale of the Fool': A New Musical Journey into Bluegrass and Folk Rock

Article Contributed by Dutch Records | Published on Wednesday, May 1, 2024

"Who is The Fool, if not a reflection of our own feelings of confusion and bliss in this wild, jester’s world? Lost Ox’s fourth studio album, Tale of the Fool, represents a dive into the sounds of bluegrass and folk rock—a notable departure from their previous funk and blues explorations. Slated for release on May 3, 2024, the album pays homage to the 1960s folk rock revolution that reshaped American music. Featuring the band’s finest singing and songwriting to date, the songs by guitarist and vocalist Dylan DiSalvio include authentic folk rock instrumentation. Mandolin and banjo are prominent, supported by the classic combination of drums, electric bass, and electric guitar. 'We wanted to do something different,' DiSalvio remarks. 'Bringing in a diverse set of instruments and players really expanded our musical palette.'


Recorded in Portland, OR, in late 2022, many of these songs were penned during the 2020-2021 global Covid-19 pandemic, reflecting a more emotional and vulnerable state compared to the band’s earlier works. The album’s hallmark is a collective human awareness, as exemplified by the second track, After the Flood, which vocalizes our collective predicaments, and the title track, Tale of the Fool, which issues a compelling call to action for all able hands. The album also gets personal with the jazzy King Tide—a nod to DiSalvio’s teenage years in the Bay Area—and universal with Mother Mercy, which weaves in references to Greek mythology and the Old Testament. 'I’ve spent a lot of time focusing away from my own story,' DiSalvio shares, 'but I felt it was time to let my personal history resonate through the music.'

Tale of the Fool is Lost Ox’s fourth studio album

The album crescendos with the hippie blues rock anthem Dewey Double Down—a saga of a fictionalized superfan immersed in the art and drug culture that icons like the Grateful Dead and Phish epitomize. The acapella choral Easier All the Time concludes the album on a sweet, sentimental, and powerful note, offering an optimistic message for those struggling internally: 'Climb on down from that mountain in your mind,' the song invites. 'There’s a gentler way to unravel that twisted knot.' Indeed, a deeper connection to each other and the world awaits just beyond the mountain. Will you join us?"

Catch Lost Ox live on their upcoming tour:

  • May 2: The Goodfoot in Portland, OR with Band of Comerados
  • May 4: The Blue Moon in Seattle, WA with Tryin’
  • May 9: Wild Buffalo in Bellingham, WA with GLYF and Tryin’
  • May 10: Silver Moon in Bend, OR with Travis Ehrenstrom Band
  • May 11: The Reef in Boise, ID
  • May 12: House Party in Boise, ID (email us for more info!)
  • May 17: The Emerald of Siam in Richland, WA
  • May 18: Western Collective in Garden City, ID
  • May 19: Crusty’s Pizza in McCall, ID
  • May 24: Velvet Falls Dance Hall in Stanley, ID
  • May 25: Velvet Falls Dance Hall in Stanley, ID