Lyle Lovett Charms the Lobero with Stellar Band and a Twisting Surprise

Article Contributed by L. Paul Mann | Published on Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Pulling up to the Lobero Theatre on a tranquil Monday evening, March 25, the scene was set for a night far from ordinary. Lyle Lovett's scheduled acoustic performance was underscored by the presence of two large tour buses and a colossal semi-truck, hinting at the grandeur that awaited inside the modest 600-seat venue. The "acoustic" label scarcely did justice to the evening's arrangement, with a host of entertainers enhancing the festivities. Lovett's show was a showcase of his versatility and artistry, blending a compelling mix of rock 'n' roll, folk, blues, and a touch of spoken word poetry—all delivered in his distinctively quirky style. The performance, lasting nearly three hours, spanned multiple music genres and included several surprises within the 24-song setlist.

Lyle Lovett | Lobero Theatre

Jim Cox | Lobero Theatre

Stuart Duncan | Lobero Theatre

Leland Sklar | Lobero Theatre

Flanked by his exceptional band, Lovett illuminated his talent and his deep appreciation for his fellow musicians. Noteworthy members such as Jim Cox on keys, Stuart Duncan on fiddle, Jeff White on guitar, and veteran bassist Leland Sklar, were instrumental in crafting the evening's enchanting atmosphere.

Lyle Lovett | Santa Barbara, CA

Willie Green Jr., Arnold McCuller, and Amy Keys | Lobero Theatre

The performance began with the hauntingly beautiful "She's Already Made Up Her Mind," followed by a masterful rendition of Townes van Zandt's "Flyin' Shoes" and the classic "She's No Lady." The inclusion of backup vocalists Willie Green Jr., Arnold McCuller, and Amy Keys, who have collaborated with icons like Diana Ross and Phil Collins, elevated the experience further.

Lyle, Leland and Chubby | Lobero Theatre

Chubby Checker | Lobero Theatre

Lovett's setlist balanced beloved classics with newer hits, showcasing his lasting appeal. Yet, the night took an exhilarating turn with Chubby Checker's unexpected stage appearance, igniting the audience with his energetic renditions of "The Twist" and "Twist and Shout." This spontaneous dance party underscored the communal joy of music, a sentiment Lovett echoed warmly.

Lobero Theatre | Santa Barbara, CA

The concert concluded with an encore that left everyone in attendance captivated by the evening's magic. Lyle Lovett, his extraordinary band, and the surprise guest, Chubby Checker, left an indelible mark on the Lobero Theatre, adding to its history of unique musical moments across various genres. The announcement of Dave Mason's upcoming performance in September promises more unforgettable experiences at this venue.

Chubby Checker | Santa Barbara, CA

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Lyle and Chubby | Santa Barbara, CA