Magic Beans Release New Song “Feed The Beast" and Announce New Album

Article Contributed by Third Floor Ma… | Published on Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Today Magic Beans dropped their new single, “Feed The Beast” from their upcoming album “Off Leash” (due to be released on June 21st), and this past Saturday night made their Red Rocks debut in support of Lotus. The Denver based quartet have steadily built upon their national notoriety in a short period of time with a distinguishable sound that is uniquely their own, and “Feed The Beast” is no exception.  Says Vocalist / Guitarist Scott Hachey, “This track draws heavily from the Minneapolis funk sound with a tight pocket, clean rhythm guitar, and heavy synths. We utilized classic equipment like a Juno 60, Linn Drum Machine, and Clavinet to get those famous tones and the lyrics put a tongue-in-cheek spin on it.  This joint dumps like a truck.”

The album “Off Leash” is a testament to the group shedding the restraints of genre based music in favor of embracing different elements found across the musical realm. It was also an exercise in pushing the band’s sound forward, building upon the last release as opposed to simply recreating the sound. Magic Beans use analog and vintage instrumentation to get a style that is both familiar but original. A B3 Organ here, a Wah guitar there - Vintage Synthesizers, and 808 drums (to name a few) make the music reminiscent of your favorite songs, while still sounding fresh. The Beans make music that moves your mind and body, with something for everyone from the audiophiles to the everyday music fan.

Disenchanted with the regular studio experience, the band sought out more Off Leash methods for the recording process and brought the studio to them. Bringing everything you need to record into guitarist Scott Hachey’s house in downtown Denver for 3 days of non-stop tracking. This allowed for a recording process that was not hindered by time or budget, allowing for the band to truly dial in the sounds they wanted while leaving the time for spontaneous creation. The result is a well developed and mature album, sonically brilliant, and yet doesn’t lose that home-made vibe the band desired. You can hear the love baked into each song, as many of the tracks were recorded in the kitchen or living room. ‘Off Leash’ also features guests from the band’s close musical family adding brass, percussion, lap steel, banjo, and more.

In addition to the appearance at Red Rocks this past weekend, Magic Beans will perform two nights in New Orleans this week, followed by a tour of the southeast and performances at DomeFest & Spread The Word in Denver.  More summer dates will be announced later this week. 


5/03 - Maple Leaf - New Orleans, LA

5/04 - Howlin Wolf Den - New Orleans, LA

5/09 - Aisle 5 - Atlanta, GA

5/10 - Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville, FL

5/11 - Barrelhouse South - Savannah, GA

5/12 - Pour House - Charleston, SC

5/15 - Abbey Bar - Harrisburg, PA

5/16 & 5/17 - DomeFest - Masontown, WV

5/18 - Spread The Word - Denver, CO

6/08 - Summer Serenade - Kent, OH

6/22 & 6/23 - The Liberty - Telluride, CO

6/27-6/29 - Beanstalk - Bond, CO

7/04 - Spaceberry - Eureka Springs, AR

7/13 - Rock the Dock - Lake George, NY