Magic Beans | Sultan Room | 4/20/2023

Article Contributed by Jamie Huenefeld | Published on Tuesday, April 25, 2023

The Magic Beans celebrated 4/20, the relatively new, legalized cannabis holiday in New York state, last Thursday, April 20, 2023 at the Sultan Room in Brooklyn, NY. Nestled in the vibrant Bushwick neighborhood, the sweet smells of THC were omnipresent this evening all around the venue. The Beans kicked the festivities up a notch with a Steely Dan parody, along with their catalog of jam rock, funk, r&b and hip hop originals. Peak, the indie progressive rock outfit from Brooklyn, lent their support.

Peak | Sultan Room

Brooklyn, NY's own Peak got the evening started with a set of psychedelic indie funk. The band line up included Jeremy Hilliard on guitar, Kito Bovenschulte on drums, Josh T. Carter on bass, and Johnny Young on keys. Hilliard showed his stellar chops as he wailed on the guitar and also provided vocals on many songs. The band cultivated danceable, exploratory improvisations that had the crowd highly engaged for their hour long set.

Guitarist Scott Hachey | Magic Beans

The two hundred fifty person room was packed and fired up after Peak's set. The Magic Beans took the stage to much applause, and moved into a feel good "Alibi." Keyboardist Casey Russell elevated the low key trance early on the synth during this song. The soulful "As You Like It" was up next, and went on an exploratory journey during the twenty two minute tune. Guitarist Scott Hachey layered in the space funk as Russell and bassist Chris Duffy kept the EDM feels alive during this absolute heater.

Magic Beans | Bushwick, NY

A more mellow "More" followed, and was sung by Hachey. The jam intensified as Duffy unfurled those tasty bass thumps. The band shifted gears into a more country vibe with "Story Goes," which featured Hachey on the acoustic guitar and a boot scooting tempo by drummer Cody Wales. "Sharon is Karen" followed, and included more 80's sounding synth goodness from Russell. The jam built into a raging space trance, with notable guitar work from Hackey, as a raucous dance party erupted in the crowd.

Keyboardist Casey Russell | Magic Beans

"Satan in Satin" brought a much darker, evil sound, which was driven by Duffy. The band elevated the 420 celebration next with "Dirty Wook," a cover by Steely Dan whose name was changed from "Dirty Work." "Handshake of a Hug" followed, and really highlighted the band's overall skills with a wild jam. This tune was all Duffy once again, as he continued to deliver noteworthy EDM bass lines. The r&b and gospel inspired "Give Me Something Real" was up next, and was sung with a lot of soul by Russell. The set closed out with the quintessential Magic Beans tune, "Contraband," as the jam went dark once again during this heated tune. The quartet returned for an encore, and played a short but sweet "The Table." The show ended on a high note with a twelve minute "Hello" that incorporated a final, high energy, synth driven jam.

Magic Beans | Sultan Room

The Magic Beans brought a face melting dance party to the Sultan Room. Their music is full of good vibes, and will leave you thirsty for more. Head on over to their tour page for more details about dates near you.

Bassist Chris Duffy | Magic Beans

Check out more photos of Peak and the Magic Beans from the show!

Magic Beans
Set: Alibi, As You Like It, More, Story Goes, Sharon is Karen, Satan in Satin, Dirty Wook1, Handshake of Hug, Give Me Something Real, Contraband
Encore: The Table, Hello
Notes: 1 - Steely Dan parody with lyrics changed to being about a wook in honor of 4/20

Fans loved the show | Sultan Room

Magic Beans | Sultan Room

Drummer Cody Wales | Magic Beans

Magic Beans | Sultan Room