Matt Smith’s World Debuts "Into The Light"

Article Contributed by Rock Rose Music PR | Published on Monday, September 25, 2023

Charting a dynamic path in the American pop-rock realm, Matt Smith’s World is back with their latest album, Into The Light. Building on the momentum of the 2020 hit, Being Human, this ten-track odyssey promises a rich fusion of funky, jazzy, guitar-centric electric pop blues, and rock.

Guitar virtuoso, vocalist, and celebrated producer, Matt Smith, returned to his Saratoga, New York roots in 2022 to pen six tracks. The remainder found their genesis at Austin’s legendary 6 String Ranch, co-owned by Matt Smith and Bill Kaman.

Into The Light holds a special place in Smith’s heart, dedicated to his late mother, Helen Smith. A listen promises not just musical enrichment but a spiritual upliftment, with each tune masterfully crafted by some of the most exceptional talents in the 2023 American pop-rock scene.

Tracklist: "Into The Light"

  1. Into The Light (3:52) Smith, Epstein, Durawa, Webb, Lack
  2. Why Can’t We Have A Good Time (5:05) Smith, Epstein
  3. Still Not Dead (4:20) Smith, Perrino
  4. Water Of Life (4:08) Smith, Daniel
  5. Measure Of A Man (3:30) Smith, Campbell, Kogutz
  6. Make The Most Of Your Life (4:07) Smith, Perrino
  7. Possibility (4:05) Smith, Daniel
  8. My Baby Likes To Ya Ya (5:05) Smith, Webb, Epstein
  9. A Change In Me (3:24) Smith, Daniel
  10. Life Ain’t Easy (And Then Ya Die) (4:45) Smith, Forsy

Artists Collaborating on "Into The Light": Austin Sessions: Matt Smith (Vocals, Guitar), Ernie Durawa (Drums), Mark Epstein (Bass), David Webb (Piano, Organ), and more. New York Sessions: Matt Smith (Guitar, Vocal), Tony Perrino (Organ, Piano), Pete Sweeney (Drums), and a talented ensemble.