Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Have you seen the nametags in New Orleans? Bridget is everywhere! She introduces herself with a 3.5” x 2.5” nametag in the friendliest way: 'Hello, my name is…Bridget. I’m hot, I'm (a) single! 𝅘𝅥𝅮 Sweet Magnolia.' With a QR code provided, she invites you to stream an unabashedly bold and catchy song named after her, which you can’t help but hum along to hours later.

New Orleans band Sweet Magnolia is a rare combination of female storytelling in the brass medium – unapologetically sassy, infectiously fun, and bold. Their debut single, 'Bridget,' from their upcoming album, demonstrates their signature combination of a powerhouse New Orleans brass band with the earworms of pop music.

The single is upbeat, bold, and humorously existential, with a retro pop sound. Amusingly, 'Bridget' was inspired by a friend's cat, leading Meg Dwyer, the band's leader, to imagine an alter ego she might have in another life with a cool, sexy name and personality. The result is a playful song about adopting a different persona and the insecurities of wishing to be someone else – or in Sweet Magnolia’s case, Bridget.

'Bridget' is the first single off Sweet Magnolia’s debut album, Miss Missed Connection, out June 7. Featuring all original tracks, the album earnestly explores the themes of missed connections, celebrating the romance and beauty in life’s highs and lows. 'I’ve cried many tears and written songs over missed opportunities, friendship, and love, but isn’t it wonderful that I had those connections in the first place?' muses Dwyer, hoping her music's happy melodies mixed with melancholic subjects show life's beautiful dichotomy.

Disowning the usual and insisting on the unexpected, Sweet Magnolia will distribute their single in the most unconventional ways! Be on the lookout for 'Bridget' nametags and listen to the song wherever you stream music.

Produced by Meg Dwyer, 'Bridget' features contributions from a talented band and was mixed and mastered by Mike Harvey, funded in part by the Threadhead Cultural Foundation. Follow Sweet Magnolia on Instagram at @sweetmagnoliabrassband. 'Bridget' will be streaming on all platforms from March 8, 2024