Melissa and the Morning Dew deliver a balm of empowerment in new self-love anthem “Worth”

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Wednesday, February 15, 2023

“Worth” is a folk-soul ballad with bluesy piano licks and powerful vocals that cut straight to the core. At once a revelation and a revolution, “Worth” is the perfect theme song for our times of global transformation. Alongside her 5-piece band the Morning Dew, Melissa traverses genres while staying true to her Laurel Canyon-inspired roots. With natural sincerity, she calls us to drop our preoccupation with external validation and stand firmly rooted in the radiance of our inner wealth.

For all its emotional power, “Worth” is also a super catchy, pop-leaning radio hit. The chorus croons, “You can’t trade money for love— you’ve got real worth honey, it’s more than you ever dreamed of.” Our society is full of tricks and traps that try to convince us of our inherent lack, and encourage a competitive environment. Melissa became intimately familiar with these struggles in early childhood as a competitive Junior Olympic gymnast. She continues to navigate this terrain as she exposes her vulnerability through intimate sonic landscapes and a very public musical persona. Like Joni, Lizzo, and Laura Marling, Melissa’s authentic experience inspires and liberates in this musical anthem. Armed with truth and intelligent musicianship, “Worth” unites listeners on the wavelength of a universal, too-often unspoken battle, and declares triumph.

Melissa Gail Klein is a singer-songwriter based out of Austin, Texas. Her 2020 release Crystalline Charm recently caught the eye of local non-profit Dallas Music Network, whose 30 minute television segment featuring Melissa and her live band reached nearly 70,000 views. In addition to music, Melissa is a social worker, therapist, and activist supporting indigenous folx, the environment, women survivors of sex-trafficking, and individuals impacted by the justice system. Catch the Home album release live at the historic Cactus Cafe in Austin, Texas on April 29th, on all listening platforms, or on the road throughout the Southwest this summer.