Miami's Jacuzzi Fuzz Makes A Comeback

Article Contributed by Jossefa Isabel | Published on Thursday, December 8, 2016

After a 7-year Hiatus, Miami reggae/rock band Jacuzzi Fuzz makes a comeback releasing two new singles: “In Orbit” and “Hoverboard”.  The new releases are written by Andy Clavijo (vocals/guitar) with creative lead from band members Johnny Colorado (drums), Martin Manzanarez (bass), and Julian Roots (keyboard/guitar), each adding their unique styles and musical influences into the mix.

The songs were written and recorded by Jacuzzi Fuzz. Vocal recording and mixing was done by engineer Jerry Ordonez at Sonic Ranch Studios in El Paso, TX. Mastering was later handled by Mike Caplan of Lion and Fox Studio in DC.

"In Orbit speaks to an alternate reality where humanity takes refuge within the stars, striving for a second chance at an enlightened life. It imagines an innocent ambition to fly up to outer space and take a moment to absorb the never ending beauty and mysterious abyss that is our universe”, says Jonathan Colorado.

"Hoverboard speaks to humanity and its aspirations to continually seek fulfillment from the material, such as hover boards and flying cars, without the realization that our only true need for survival is universal love and acceptance from one another”, says Andy Clavijo.

About Jacuzzi Fuzz

Established in the city of Miami, Florida, known for its diverse culture and striking personalities, Jacuzzi Fuzz is a product of its environment - a mix of latin roots, hip hop beats, reggae riddims and hot-tempered punk rockers.

The Fuzz started in 2002 as a humble-three piece band heavily influenced by the sounds of Sublime, Nirvana and Bob Marley and the Wailers. They wanted to make noise and shake up the scene - youths eager to play gigs and have their voices heard. Their then line-up included founding members Andy Clavijo, on vocals and guitar, Johnny Colorado, on drums and percussion, and Charlie Labarca on bass. Together, they played anywhere that would take them - from local house parties to larger venues that started to take notice. In 2008, they released their first EP Mourning Miami and 2009, the Best Worst-Case Scenario.

The trio eventually parted ways, but after a five-year hiatus, Andy and Johnny regrouped bringing in two new members: Martin Manzanarez on bass and Julian Roots on keyboards and rhythm guitar. In December 2016, the band released two new singles, "In Orbit" and "Hoverboard," which will be featured in an upcoming EP to be released in 2017.

Jacuzzi Fuzz has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with: Authority Zero, The Expendables, State Radio, The Slackers, The Supervillains, Big D and the Kids Table, Whole Wheat Bread and others.