Mick Hellman's Visionary Musical Project Takes Fans on a Transformative Journey

Article Contributed by Denise Lamott PR | Published on Friday, July 14, 2023

Prepare to embark on a soul-stirring expedition through the realms of emotion and musical innovation as Highway Wolf, led by Mick Hellman, unveils their debut single, "Silver Springs." Highway Wolf takes listeners on a transformational journey, relatable to anyone who has been challenged by ‘The Call’ and all that comes with answering the beckoning.

Highway Wolf's debut album, Purdie's Dream, takes listeners on an extraordinary voyage through the eyes of Mick Hellman’s beloved dog, Purdie, who embodies “the Highway Wolf.” Filled with covers that encapsulate Mick's formative years, recorded at the Laughing Tiger Studio in San Rafael, CA, the album was produced by Tal and Amber Morris, with Mick as the executive producer. Purdie's Dream features Hellman's cherished friends and family, boasting the talents of Gabriella de la Cruz, Austin de Lone, Kevin Hayes, Laurel Hellman, Barbara Higbie, Ryann Morris, Dave Zirbel, and Joshua Zucker.

Each track on Purdie’s Dream was carefully selected and ordered within the record to tell the mythical journey of “the Highway Wolf.” "Silver Springs," the iconic Stevie Nicks song, stands as a testament to the Highway Wolf's introspective yearning for what might have been after navigating the ups and downs of their adventures of life. Through the howling and longing of the Highway Wolf, listeners come to understand these stories through another lens.

"Silver Springs" is just a taste of the musical odyssey that awaits fans within Purdie's Dream. Fans can learn more about the project by visiting https://www.highwaywolfmusic.com/. Listen to "Silver Springs" Here: https://highwaywolfmusic.bandcamp.com/