Mickey Hart To Release "Jersey Shore" to Benefit Sandy Relief

Article Contributed by Yonas Media | Published on Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Mickey Hart Band has released a new song, "Jersey Shore," to benefit Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.  To download the song and help rebuild the shore go to http://www.mickeyhart.net/jersey.  Those who make a donation will also receive two bonus hours of music including the full length performance of the Mickey Hart Band Live on the Jersey Shore (August 17, 2012), and tracks from the band's latest album, Mysterium Tremendum."I was a kid from Coney Island, Atlantic Beach and Far Rockaway," said Hart. "The Shore was the totem, the centerpiece, a physical representation of community spirit for many generations.  My inspiration for this song began when I saw Brian Williams on the NBC Evening News.   Brian showed distress clearly in his eyes and voice.   It was a deep loss, not just property, but so much more.  Jon Bon Jovi was with Brian, telling the story of personal loss of his sense of place growing up, losing his most precious places, now only memories--powerful, moving words.  After the broadcast, it was birthing time.  The song was born in 5 minutes.  It is a tribute to the people and to the place we call The Jersey Shore.  It’s a song of victory over adversity. A song of hardship, of hope, tears, and smiles--but above all survival.  It's time to rebuild what we've lost.  Let's bring back the beauty.  Your help is needed now, more than ever.  Please give what you can." 100% of the proceeds of "Jersey Shore" will go to Clean Ocean Action, who have organized over 3,800 volunteers since November 2012.  Volunteers have worked on various projects including beach sweeps, toy drives for children displaced by Sandy, home and business cleanups, and "memorabilia" cleanups where they find items that may be highly significant and catalog them so people can find them via the local police department.  To become a volunteer with Clean Ocean Action, go to http://fortheshore.org.