Mik Bondy of The Garcia Project to perform with the 50th Anniversary Jerry Garcia guitar

Article Contributed by The Garcia Project | Published on Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tom Lieber, founder of Lieber Guitars and apprentice of Doug Irwin, is recreating Jerry Garcia’s guitars in for the Grateful Dead's 50th Anniversary next year. Each of these hand-crafted masterpieces are being built in a limited edition of 12.
Tom will be at the Oneonta Theater on October 11, where Mik Bondy and The Garcia Project will be performing a full setlist recreation of a classic Jerry Garcia Band show. Tom will allow Mik Bondy to use the 50th Anniversary prototype during the show.
Guitarist Mik Bondy currently performs with a hand made custom Tiger style guitar that he built and modified himself using a body and neck crafted by Warmoth, Inc. Mik is excited to see and perform with Tom’s new masterpiece.
For tour dates and more information: www.thegarciaproject.com