Minka and Jesse Miller (Lotus) team up on new EP Paella

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Friday, July 9, 2021

Minka / Beard-o-Bees is Ari Rubin (Minka) and Jesse Miller (Lotus, Octave Cat). Their debut release, the 5-track EP Paella blends electronica synths, dance-inducing beats, indie song-writing and a surprising amount of soul. After releasing the single “Out for Blood” the full EP is now available.

Miller: I started seeing Minka shows weekly at a small club few years ago. The music pulled me in immediately when I heard influences of 80s minimal rock-n-roll like Television, Talking Heads and Prince. About a year later our bands did a show together and we joined forces to perform Depeche Mode “Policy of Truth,” which was a fitting start.

Rubin: People often ask me, 'Where do you get your lyrics?' The truth is, they just flow out of me, like sweat from Agassi’s shiny crown during the ’01 U.S. Open quarterfinals.

Miller: We started doing recordings with the goal of writing a full song in each session.

Rubin: Working within those limitations was particularly edifying. I had less opportunity to think, I just went with my gut instincts (musically, lyrically...sexually).

Miller: “Out For Blood” flips the script on a typical dance beat. It is built around a distorted synth bass and a funky Clavinet riff in groups of 6 beats instead of the usual 4.

Rubin: The track is favorite of mine for its subversion of the traditional electro-dance form. Or maybe I just really like the word “subversion.” SUBVERSION. It sounds so…dangerous.

Rubin: Jesse is really good with these things he calls “modular synths.” I don’t really know what they are, or how they do what they do. I DO know that they create musical patterns I never would have thought of. Floating a top a kaleidoscopic maelstrom of sound, I feel free to let loose vocally, much like the famed Madagascar fish eagle, soaring high above the sea until it dives deep for its prey.

Miller: That is quite the metaphor Ari.

Rubin: Simile...anyway the song follows two lovers as they navigate the hurdles of a romantic relationship, whilst robbing a bank. I can only imagine a heist compounds the stress...

Miller: The unusual meter gives the music a sense of perpetual motion, which makes sense to me as a soundtrack for an adrenaline seeking couple on the run.

Rubin: ...please write to me at: [email protected] with your own crime/love stories

 Minka and Jesse Miller (Lotus) team up on new EP Paella

Minka / Beard-o-BeesPaella EP

Stop Open Up

Out for Blood

Hit Vibrate


How Deep is the Ocean

Ari Rubin: vocals, keyboards

Jesse Miller: bass, synths, mix/master

Charlie Patierno: drums


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            Bandcamp: weareminka.bandcamp.com


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