Mountain Fever Records Proudly Unveils Mason Via’s Latest Single "Hey Don’t Go"

Article Contributed by Mountain Fever… | Published on Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Mountain Fever Records is thrilled to present "Hey Don’t Go," the latest single from the talented Mason Via. This new release (release date April 25th) marks a significant milestone in Via’s career, blending country and Americana elements to explore themes of constancy in love amidst life’s inevitable changes.

"Hey Don’t Go" serves not only as a musical exploration of holding on despite the odds but also as the perfect showcase for Via’s distinctive style. Known for his energetic stage presence and compelling songwriting, Via captures the essence of growth and resilience. His ability to intertwine light-hearted tunes with profound narratives has quickly made him a notable figure in Nashville’s burgeoning Americana scene.

Mason Via comments on the inspiration behind the track: "‘Hey Don’t Go’ evokes the spirit of spring and the transitions that shape our lives. It’s about recognizing unstoppable fates and the diverging paths they create. While it’s been over for a while, the heart never wants it to end. True to bluegrass tradition, the song pairs a jovial melody with a poignant story, capturing the complex dance of joy and heartache."

The single features an impressive lineup of musicians, with Mason Via leading on vocals and acoustic guitar. The ensemble includes Barton Davies and Oliver Craven on harmony vocals, Joshua Quimby on resonator guitar, Cory Walker on banjo, James Kee on mandolin, Mark Raddabaugh on drums, Geoff Saunders on bass, Griffin McMahon enhancing the melodies on Rhodes piano and keyboards, Lyla Portnov on harmonica, Neil Jones on pedal steel, Nate Leath on fiddle, and Charlie Chamberlain on electric guitar.

"Hey Don’t Go" was co-written with Barton Davies of Boy Named Banjo and features additional collaborations with Joshua Quimby and Nate Leath, adding layers of depth and texture to this compelling piece.

Mountain Fever Records invites you to experience "Hey Don’t Go," a musical journey that promises to resonate with listeners and critics alike, heralding Mason Via as a fresh and exciting voice in Nashville’s music scene.