Musical Friends of Jerry Garcia Come Together to Play His Music

Article Contributed by Rex Foundation | Published on Thursday, October 28, 2010

Join the Rex Foundation on Saturday, December 4th at The Fillmore in San Francisco for a festive, one-of-a-kind musical occasion to benefit the Rex Foundation:  The Wheel - A Musical Celebration of Jerry Garcia.  Musical friends of Jerry Garcia since 1962 come together to play his music, including:  Jesse McReynolds, Garrett McReynolds, Steve Thomas, Peter Rowan Blue Grass Band: Peter Rowan, Jody Stecher, Keith Little, Paul Knight, David Nelson & Friends, Electric: David Nelson, Barry Sless, Robin Sylvester, John Molo, Mookie Siegel and Special Guests...

Set up in festive, intimate cabaret style with reserved seating on the floor, The 12-4-10 Visual Fillmore, with its beauty and iconic connection to Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead, sets the stage for this special occasion. There will be a pre-concert reception to enjoy hearty finger foods and beverages as you reconnect with friends and family.  And, you'll receive a print of the event poster designed by Corey and Catska Ench, a taste of which is shown in the beautiful graphic here.  Click here for all event details, including how to arrange for special discounted rates at two Joie de Vivre hotels in walking distance from The Fillmore.  A limited number of concert only tickets will be available through Ticketmaster as of Sunday, October 31st at 10:30 a.m. Pacific Time.

We hope you enjoy reading the full story of the multiple, intersecting, smile-provoking musical connections of the musicians to Jerry Garcia and his music that evoked The Wheel and inspired the event.  We look forward to being with you on this very special evening and appreciate your generous support.