Nashville's Creature Comfort Readies 'The Honeymoon EP,' Set for Release April 15

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Thursday, March 21, 2024

Nashville's Creature Comfort are set to share a new 4-track project, The Honeymoon EP, on April 15. The acclaimed act's upcoming release will arrive on streaming services to mark the first anniversary of lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Jessey Clark's wedding day—a personal milestone that led to the creation of the band's romantic collection of songs.

The Honeymoon EP includes the band's current single, an energizing new take on Bob Dylan's "If Not For You." Their cover was put into heavy rotation by Lightning 100, who named Creature Comfort as their Local Artist of the Week following its release on Feb. 14. Propelled by groovy electric guitar and fiery violin, their fresh interpretation of a beloved classic served as the catalyst of what would become their latest EP.

"I was washing clothes one day thinking about really great love songs, like something that we could walk down the aisle to," Clark says. "I was listening to All Things Must Pass and when 'If Not For You' came on, I just started weeping while putting clothes into the washer and tossing some other ones into the dryer. I immediately knew that I wanted that to be some part of our wedding."

"I'm an epic gift-giver and I knew I had to do something good," adds Clark. "I decided to record a bunch of love songs that meant something to both of us together as a surprise gift for my wife the day after our wedding. I wanted to make it a full production, not just some crummy demo in our room, so I asked the band if they wanted to help me.

"We went into the studio and 'If Not For You' was the first one we did, which originally sounded a lot more like the George Harrison version from All Things Must Pass. Then out of nowhere, our drummer, Taylor Cole, just started playing this upbeat sort of funky rhythm and it totally shifted and became our own."

Along with the band's reimagined version of "If Not For You," The Honeymoon EP includes a folk-infused take on Coldplay's "Green Eyes" and a moving rendition of "Tell Lorrie I Love Her," one of country legend Keith Whitley's most powerful love songs.

The project kicks off with the band's next focus track, "All I Ever Wanted," which will be released as a single to coincide with the EP's release. Clark began writing the slow-building ballad years earlier as a way to channel his hopes for a future relationship. He was finally able to complete the track, which he cites as "the best love song I've ever written," after meeting his now-wife.

The release of The Honeymoon EP marks an exciting new creative chapter for Creature Comfort. Comprised of Clark, Cole, Alex Robinson (slide and acoustic guitar/vocals), Cole Bearden (bass), Jo Cleary (violin), the genre-bending band has cultivated a dedicated fanbase and performed sets at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival and Lightning 100's Live on the Green. Their 2020 album Home Team, which features the infectious, foot-stomping single "Big, Buff, and Handsome," earned widespread critical acclaim.

Produced by Drew Vandenberg (Faye Webster, of Montreal, Toro y Moi), the LP's mix of blazing indie rock, Americana, folk and pop garnered coverage from NPR Music, American Songwriter, Wide Open Country, Nashville Scene, DittyTV, and many more.

The Honeymoon EP will arrive on streaming services on Monday, April 15, 2024.


"All I Ever Wanted"

"Green Eyes"

"If Not For You"

"Tell Lorrie I Love Her"