Nate Todd Delivers Honest Debut of Protest Songs, Revolutionary Loser

Article Contributed by Crown Jül PR | Published on Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Twenty years in the making, Nate Todd's debut album, Revolutionary Loser, filled with perseverance, honesty and rebellion, has arrived. After co-founding award-winning Colorado group Whiskey Tango, and releasing a dreamy April 2020 EP entitled Sky Cloud Machine, Todd's full-length record finds the multi-instrumentalist confronting both his own faults as well as the pervasive issues that plague American society today, all while aiming to carve his own path to a better, more just world. 

Listen to Revolutionary Loser now:

What started as a small collection of protest songs turned into a nine-track autobiographical memoir that negotiates how one man's personal, micro experiences can be seen, heard, and felt on a larger scale. Looking both within and beyond himself, Todd explains, "Some songs are in protest of the rampant injustice going on around us. Some of the songs are in protest of myself. Others protest the bounds of reality." 

It was an anti-nuclear protest in 1980s Nebraska that would come to lay the foundation upon which this album, and Todd's activist spirit, would be built. A photograph depicting Todd's parents holding baby Nate Todd at the protest appeared in a local newspaper, as told in the album's defiant titular track, and always stuck with the singer-songwriter, "serving as a visual beginning to my own life of activism.”

The  events of 2020, including the widespread police brutality caught on camera across the country, only deepened Todd's understanding of just how important it is to exercise our first amendment rights and put his message into stark focus.  "Some of this album I recorded after coming home from marching," Todd notes. "These recent events seemed to be leading me down the path to putting this record out."

Todd invites all to join him on his quest to a safer, more just world for all––one revolutionary loser at a time.

Revolutionary Loser, mixed and mastered by Todd himself, is out now. Join Nate Todd in the fight for change via his official Facebook page or through his Bandcamp page where you can listen to the record & donate to On Friday, November 6th, 100% of the proceeds from the album will be donated to