New Earth Farmers get released 'Into The Great Unknown'

Article Contributed by KG Music Press | Published on Thursday, October 21, 2021

Into The Great Unknown is the title track of the 2021 EP release by New Earth Farmers. This song was written not long after Tom Petty passed and there are some subliminal nods to Tom in the lyrics. We are all huge fans of Tom and The Heartbreakers and also fans of The Traveling Wilburys, which influenced the production of the recording. The ending of the video includes a re-enactment of a midnight hallucinogenic experience in a cemetery in southwestern Missouri in the 70s (true story). It was Paul's first year in college and he was introduced to a hallucinogen one weekend. The experience started in a dorm room then moved out to a nearby church cemetery at around midnight with Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of The Moon" 8 track tape on repeat from the car stereo. This was way out in the country without any town lights to interfere with the starry night view. You know what they say, go to college, get an education. Great advice.

Tom Dellinger filmed the performance part of the video at Prairie Sun Studios in Cotati, CA. right after everyone had been vaccinated.  We still did most of it outdoors on the farm there, with a few inside shots in studio C to be on the safe side. The band on the recording and the video includes Nigel Twist (original drummer of The Alarm), members of Chuck Prophet's Mission Express (James DePrato on slide guitars and Kevin T. White on bass). We had help with the editing and color grading from Joshua Britt (of Neighborhoods Apart Production) in between renderings of the Killers new animated video. Joshua directed and produced our previous video "Everything Was Beautiful, Goodbye." You can see more of Joshua's work at his website,

Videography by Tom Dellinger

Edited by Paul Knowles

Additional editing by Joshua Britt of Neighborhoods Apart (who produced NEF's last video release "Everything Was Beautiful, Goodbye")

Filmed on location at Prairie Sun Recording Studio, Cotati, CA (Video on Prairie Sun Recording Studio via Ditty TV: )

New Earth Farmers:

Paul Knowles - vocals, guitar

Nicole Storto - vocals, guitar

Nigel Twist  - drums

Kevin White - bass

James DePrato - slide guitar