New Earth Farmers

“It’s all one planet, one earth, no imaginary borders,” responds Paul Knowles when asked why his band changed their name from New American Farmers to New Earth Farmers.  “Also, I think we wanted a less nationalist sounding name, ‘American’ is a bit overused and a bit jingoistic in nature. We wanted something that’s more inclusive that had nothing to do with that frame of mind.”

Into The Great Unknown is the title track of the 2021 EP release by New Earth Farmers. This song was written not long after Tom Petty passed and there are some subliminal nods to Tom in the lyrics. We are all huge fans of Tom and The Heartbreakers and also fans of The Traveling Wilburys, which influenced the production of the recording. The ending of the video includes a re-enactment of a midnight hallucinogenic experience in a cemetery in southwestern Missouri in the 70s (true story).

New Earth Farmers (formerly New American Farmers) just released their new EP, “Into The Great Unknown,” and shared a single/video "Everything Was Beautiful, Goodbye" from “Into The Great Unknown.”  The video was directed by renowned production company, Neighborhoods Apart (John Prine, Lilly Hiatt, Aaron Lee Tasjan). The single/video was released on May 7th, 2021

It wasn't hard to feel right at home inside the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, CA. With Jessie Bridges warming up the crowd (and successfully so) before Paul Knowles and Nicole Storto of New American Farmers took the stage. Freight and Salvage Coffee House is a historically rich home-away-from-home for both musicians and listeners alike.

Friday, September 5thNew American Farmers will perform at Great American Music Hall in celebration of the release of their upcoming long player, The Farmacology Sessions, which will be available on September 5th for concert attendees and officially released on October 14th.  The band will be performing tracks from their upcoming release and favorites from their debut, Brand New Day.

Paul Knowles and Nicole Storto keep it real as a banana peel, and whole heartedly encourage the listener to grow their own fruits and vegetables, with Brand New Day.  In their words; “The songs are about the human experience, putting a spotlight on those that are less fortunate, songs about having different viewpoints from the accepted norms when it comes to immigration, food, philosophy and materialism.

New American Farmers (Paul Knowles and Nicole Storto) are writing their manifesto of independence through music.  Much as people are moving away from corporate food supply, they see people also moving away from the corporate structure of music.  “People seek out local, in-season and chemical-free food”, says Knowles, “we would like to see people doing the same with music.”Paul Knowles and Nicole Storto spent most of the last decade performing and recording as Mars, Arizona winning fans with their original brand of cosmic Amer

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