Newton Theatre Hosts Allman Betts Band's King Crawler Tour Finale

Article Contributed by Patrick Giblin | Published on Tuesday, June 11, 2024

The Allman Betts Band is an American rock group that burst onto the scene in 2018. This ensemble is a family affair, featuring the sons of two founding members of the legendary Allman Brothers Band: Devon Allman (son of Gregg Allman) and Duane Betts (son of Dickey Betts). Their lineup is further enriched by slide guitarist Johnny Stachela, bassist Justin Corgan, keyboardist John Ginty, and drummers John Lum and Alex Orbison (son of the iconic Roy Orbison). The band's music seamlessly blends southern rock, Americana, and country rock, drawing heavily on the rich musical legacies of their fathers.

Devon Allman | Newton Theatre

Duane Betts | Newton Theatre

Allman Betts Band | Newton Theatre

Their live performances are a masterful mix of original compositions and classic Allman Brothers Band tracks, creating a nostalgic yet fresh experience for audiences. Praised for their songwriting prowess and outstanding musicianship, the Allman Betts Band is renowned for their energetic and improvisational live shows. They have released two critically acclaimed albums, Down to the River and Bless Your Heart, both of which showcase their unique sound and storytelling abilities.

Johnny Stachela | Allman Betts Band

Alex Orbison | Allman Betts Band | Newton Theatre

John Lum | Allman Betts Band

After a brief hiatus from recording and touring in early 2022, the band made a triumphant return in June 2023, reuniting for a highly anticipated performance. Their comeback continued with the "King Crawler" tour in 2024, which concluded on June 9 at the Newton Theatre in Newton, NJ. This historic 600-person theater, originally opened in 1924, was sold out, with every seat filled by eager fans.

JD Simo | Newton Theatre

JD Simo | Newton, NJ

The evening's festivities began with an electrifying opening act by J.D. Simo, a Nashville guitar virtuoso whose blues, jazz, and rock influences range from the likes of Lightnin’ Hopkins and Django Reinhardt to Jimi Hendrix and Stanley Jordan. Simo's 40-minute set was a mesmerizing blend of these influences, captivating the audience and setting the stage for the main event.

Allman Betts Band | Newton Theatre

Duane Betts | Newton, NJ

Devon Allman | Allman Betts Band

When the Allman Betts Band took the stage, they delivered a powerful performance that seamlessly wove together original songs and beloved Allman Brothers classics. Highlights of the evening included Bless Your Heart originals such as “Airboats & Cocaine,” enhanced by evocative imagery in the background, “Magnolia Road,” and “King Crawler.” The crowd erupted in applause for the Allman Brothers cuts, including “Melissa,” “Blue Sky,” and “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed,” each performed with a heartfelt reverence that honored the band's storied heritage.

Allman Betts Band | Newton Theatre | Newton, NJ

Throughout the night, the band's chemistry and passion were palpable, creating an unforgettable experience for all in attendance. The Allman Betts Band's ability to channel the spirit of their predecessors while forging their own musical path is truly remarkable. As they wrapped up their successful tour, fans were left eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the band's journey. The Allman Betts Band continues to prove that they are not merely carrying on a legacy, but are also creating one of their own.