Orebolo | Capitol Theatre | 2/10/2024

Article Contributed by Jamie Huenefeld | Published on Saturday, February 17, 2024

Orebolo closed their three-night stand at the Capitol Theatre on February 10, 2024, with another inspired acoustic performance. Those in attendance were fortunate to hear four first-time played tunes, along with more stellar Grateful Dead covers. This band continued to impress in a stripped-down environment, as they emerged as a formidable trio on the jam scene.

Guitarist Rick Mitarotonda | Orebolo

The evening began with guitarist Peter Anspach thanking the crowd for attending the run. The traditional tune "Liza Jane" began the music. Guitarist Rick Mitarotonda contributed his always-resonant vocals to this first-time-played song. Both Anspach and Mitarotonda brought their A-game early, as they harmonized their guitars together for this intricate tune.

Bassist Jeff Arevalo | Orebolo

Anspach's tune "The Whales" followed, with a galvanized jam that had fans yelling for more. Bassist Jeff Arevalo joined the party in the intro for "Atlas Dogs," as he provided dark notes that eventually wound around the guitar melody. This second first time played the song of the night seamlessly transitioned from electric to acoustic. We can only hope that Orebolo will add "Atlas Dogs" to their repertoire.

Orebolo | Capitol Theatre

The crowd decided to get in on the action during "California Magic," and joined the vocals early for this fun tune. Anspach thanked the crowd for their collective contribution upon conclusion of the song, and called out how great the crowdss have been. Don't you know that's it's all just california magic?

Capitol Theatre | Port Chester, NY

The energy mellowed slightly as they moved into a slower version of jam vehicle, "All I Need." This tune has been played fast, slow, and every tempo in between as an electrified tune by Goose. This well-placed, relaxed acoustic version provided a much-needed energetic break. The slow-going vibe came to an end as Mitarotonda dove into a "Secret Agent Man" tease, which kicked up the intensity as the song ended.

Orebolo | Capitol Theatre

"Moonrise," from the 2022 Goose release Dripfield, was up next. Despite being released as a full electric song, this tune has been played live more as an acoustic tune. The trio harmonized exceptionally well. Father John Misty's "I'm Writing a Novel" proceeded. Arevalo brought stand-out bass picking that complimented the guitars perfectly.

Fans loved the show | Orebolo

Tom Wait's "Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis" was the penultimate tune in this outstanding set, and played for only the third time ever. The trio ended the set with jam monster, "Rockdale." Fans in the crowd had been screaming for this tune throughout the duration of the run, and this nine-minute version did not disappoint. The jam went into a mellow valley before ratcheting up. The crowd joined in vocals as the song came to a vibrant conclusion.

Orebolo | Capitol Theatre

The band returned for set two, and picked up right where they left off with a twelve-minute "Thatch." Both Mitarotonda and Anspach showed their guitar chops, as Arevalo tied the guitars together with his bass thumps. "True Love Waits" by Radiohead was up next, and represented the third first-time played tune of the night. Mitarotonda thanked the crowd for their vocal assistance upon the conclusion of this tune.

Guitarist Peter Anspach | Orebolo

Folk singer songwriter Dick Burnett's "Man of Constant Sorrow" marked the last first time played tune of the night. This traditional tune brought that bluegrass vibe, much to the delight of the crowd. Arevalo filled the space with precision. "Lead Up" by Goose was up next, and included fiery vocals from Mitarotonda.

Orebolo | Capitol Theatre

The trio makes no efforts to hide their love for Elvis Presley, as they played "(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame" next. This was followed by a euphonious "Everything Must Go." Arevalo heightened this tune by using the bow to add ominous tones.

Orebolo had many young fans | Capitol Theater

A nine-minute acoustic "Dripfield" followed, much to the delight of the crowd. This tune renders well both with and without electrification. Arevalo was instrumental in creating the darker feel that accompanies this song when electrified. Mitarotonda's guitar work was flawless. The crowd contributed a round of synchronized clapping as the jam wound down.

Orebolo | Capitol Theatre

Anspach took a few moments to share how grateful the band was to be playing this evening. The trio then unleashed another nod to the Grateful Dead by playing "Ship of Fools." The crowd erupted upon conclusion with enthusiastic applause. The set ended on an incredibly high note with a fourteen-minute "Madhuvan." This well-known, face-melting tune brought huge smiles to faces in the crowd as the band artfully built up this tune.

Bassist Jeff Arevalo | Orebolo

The band stepped off stage and returned for an encore. Anspach once again acknowledged the crowd's singing and the fact that they can't often hear it when playing as Goose. He also expressed his positive outlook for the future Goose calendar. The band then played one final tune, "US Blues", which also served as the final expression of gratitude for the Grateful Dead. This song certainly feels like it was made for this band, and the audience echoed that sentiment.

Guitarist Rick Mitartonda | Orebolo

This special three-night run ended with an unquestionable bang. It's reminder to all fans regarding how talented these musicians are. They don't play in this format very often, and it's certainly not to be missed. Head on over to their tour page and add their future dates to your summer calendar.

Orebolo | Capitol Theatre

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Set 1: Liza Jane[1], The Whales, Atlas Dogs[2] > California Magic, All I Need[3], Moonrise, I'm Writing A Novel[4], Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis[5], Rockdale
Set 2: Thatch, True Love Waits[6], Man of Constant Sorrow[7], Lead Up, (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame[8], Everything Must Go, Dripfield, Ship Of Fools[9], Madhuvan
Encore: U.S. Blues[9]
Coach's Notes:
[1] Traditional. FTP as Orebolo.
[2] FTP as Orebolo.
[3] Slow, melodic version. With Secret Agent Man tease.
[4] Father John Misty.
[5] Tom Waits.
[6] Radiohead. FTP.
[7] Dick Burnett. FTP.
[8] Elvis Presley.
[9] Grateful Dead.

setlist via elgoose.net