Orebolo | Tarrytown Music Hall | December 2nd, 2021

Article Contributed by Jamie Huenefeld | Published on Monday, December 6, 2021

Last Thursday marked the first show of the first Orebolo tour ever. Orebolo is an acoustic side project for three members of the upcoming and coming Connecticut based jam band, Goose. The concept came about during the covid-19 pandemic when Rick Mitarotonda (guitar), Peter Anspach (guitar, keyboards) and Jeff Arevalo (percussion) were stuck living together under one roof. They did what any talented quarentining musicians should do: live streams. This certainly helped build their following, and culminated with their biggest performance as the "aGOOSEtic Trio" at Goose's Fred Festival last summer. The historic Tarrytown Music Hall, in Tarrytown, NY hosted the band for their first show, which included new songs as well as surprising covers, and kicked off this exciting run.

Orebolo | Tarrytown Music Hall

Orebolo has a much more casual and laid back feel versus Goose, down to the blankets on the chairs. Living rooms lights were added to give the stage a homey feel. Both Mitarotonda and Anspach played acoustic guitars, while Arevalo played an upright bass.

Rick Mitarotonda | Orebolo

The first set began with relaxed vibe, as each band member strolled onto the stage with their respective instruments. Joan Baez's "Silver Dagger" started the festivities in the first set. Several Goose tunes followed, including "Elizabeth", "Indian River", "The Whales", and "Lead the Way." The band decided to alternate familiarity with the unknown for the rest of the set, and took a turn into reggae with Bob Marley & The Wailer's "Caution." The next tune was a brand new, first time played song called "Moonrise." The band then returned to jam band familiarity with the classic "US Blues," a cover by the Grateful Dead. The penultimate tune, "Dim Lights" was another tasty new song. The first set closed out with the normally raucous Goose dance party tune, "So Ready," albeit mellow and delightful.

Jeff Arevalo | Tarrytown, NY

After a quick break, the band returned to deliver more acoustic gems, starting with "Devil in Disguise" by Elvis. Two more Goose tunes made their way into the mix with "It Burns Within" and "Bob Don." A more traditional bluegrass rendition of "Rosalie McFall" by Charlie Monroe followed. A high energy, electric guitar based Goose song was up next in "Drive." The subtleties of "Drive" are certainly more apparent in this delicious, unelectrified version. "Arise" proceeded, and completed the new song trifecta for the evening. The set closed out with "Madhuvan," another Goose jam vehicle that has recently been featured as transition music on Fox Sports during NFL games. The band left the stage with the crowd on their feet and returned for a quick "Angel Band" traditional cover, as they were already out of time.

Orebolo | Tarrytown, NY

The chemistry between these three musicians is incredible. We can only hope that Orebolo makes another appearance on our future show calendars. In the meantime, hop on over to goose's website for more details on upcoming shows like Goosemas and the New Years Run in Chicago, IL.

Shasta | Orebolo

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Set One

Silver Dagger1, Elizabeth, Indian River, The Whales, Lead The Way, Caution2, Moonrise3, US Blues4, Dim Lights3, So Ready

Set Two

Devil In Disguise5, It Burns Within, Bob Don, Rosalie McFall6, Drive, Arise3, Madhuvan


Angel Band7

Coach’s Notes
1. Joan Baez
2. Bob Marley & The Wailers
3. Original, FTP
4. The Grateful Dead
5. Elvis
6. Charlie Monroe
7. Traditional
This was the first show of the first-ever Orebolo tour.