Papadosio releases dreamy synthpop single 'Spinning'

Article Contributed by Pivotal Agency | Published on Friday, March 3, 2023

Hopeful and otherworldly, Papadosio’s newest single ‘Spinning’ may come as a bit of a surprise to even long-time fans. The song incorporates elements of synth pop with their signature, dreamy lyrics and a soulful message. Ethereal waves of wispy guitar flow past the listener, pairing perfectly with the laidback drums to fit the sublime nature of the tune. The band’s eloquent message imparts an introspective quality to the track, encouraging the listener to gaze inward and treat our time on this Earth as a chance to live one’s passion.

"This is a song about learning to love the morning and remembering that each day is an opportunity to be your best version of ourselves; to live as the universe experiencing itself as gently and with as much grace as possible.” - Samuel Brouse