Pink Floyd Trivia – Round Two

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Saturday, March 11, 2006

Pink Floyd Trivia – Round Two

Welcome to round two of Grateful Web's Pink Floyd trivia!

I'm going to keep with the three-answer format from the first game because no one emailed me and told me that the three-answer format sucked. So here it is again.

Same rules as before: three answers per question; if you think my information is inaccurate, just let me know; I have no problem correcting my errors (I'm not claiming to be an expert by any means; this is just for fun); all comments and criticisms are welcome and seriously considered. The first person to answer all questions correctly wins a Grateful Web t-shirt.

Post your answers in the comment section below. The author will send you the correct answers after you post your own. If you would like to debate the validity of these trivia questions and/or their answers, please send an email to: [email protected].

  1. What is the name of the building on the cover of Pink Floyd Animals? What prop broke free and disrupted London airspace during a photo-shoot for the album's cover art? Name the allegorical novel from which some of this album's themes are partially borrowed.
  2. Syd Barrett created the name Pink Floyd (originally The Pink Floyd Sound) by combining the first names of what two blues musicians? What is Syd Barrett's real first name?
  3. Which Pink Floyd album makes up the bulk of Syd Barrett's contribution to the Pink Floyd canon? In what year was Syd formally kicked-out of Pink Floyd? Who eventually replaced Syd Barrett in the capacity of lead vocalist and guitarist?
  4. Name the three Pink Floyd albums that were compilations of singles from various other albums before the release of the box set Shine On and the greatest hits album Echoes.
  5. Name David Gilmour's three solo albums.
  6. Who played the role of Pink in the movie Pink Floyd: The Wall? Name the British cartoonist responsible for the animation in this movie. Who directed this movie?
  7. During the recording of which album did Syd Barrett make a surprise visit to the recording studio? Name the recording studio where this visit took place.  Name the multi-part song from this album that is admittedly about Syd Barrett.
  8. On the album A Momentary Lapse of Reason, whose voice can be heard contacting control tower in the song "Learning to Fly?" In the song "Yet Another Movie," you can hear clips from what movie in the background? On which river were the rowing sound effects for "Signs of Life" recorded?
  9. Pink Floyd were such fans of a well-known British comedy troupe that they used some of their initial profits from Dark Side of the Moon to help fund what movie? Name the famous author who gave the title to the album Pink Floyd The Division Bell and who also occasionally worked with Pink Floyd's favorite comedy troupe? What song did David Gilmour perform at this author's funeral?
  10. What famous classic rock musician was the main engineer for Dark Side of the Moon? Who was Pink Floyd's manager during this time and during most of their career? Name the female vocalist for the song "The Great Gig in the Sky."

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