Preservation Hall Jazz Band to Raise Money for Hurricane Sandy

Article Contributed by GMA | Published on Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Preservation Hall Jazz Band are no strangers to the disastrous aftermath of a hurricane, having endured Hurricane Katrina in 2005, that left their hometown of New Orleans in shambles. Following Katrina, Preservation Hall Jazz Band launched Renew Orleans, along with partners Ropeadope and Okayplayer. The project raised over $80,000 for local musicians. In additional to the financial support, the shirts captured the pride and determination of the people of New Orleans. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, that put millions of people in danger, and hurt the lives and livelihood of thousands of artists and musicians, Preservation Hall Jazz Band has partnered up with Ropeadope, Okayplayer, The Jazz Foundation of America, and the NYC Food Truck Association to form Renew York and aid those affected by the tragedy.T-shirts will be on sale to raise as much money needed for artists and musicians that were affected. Shirts will be sold online and at select outlets, with 40% of the gross sale going directly to organizations providing relief for those affected by the storm.The Preservation Hall Jazz Band has been carrying the distinctive sound of New Orleans jazz around the world on behalf of Preservation Hall, a unique venue that embodies the city’s musical legacy. With a cast of musicians schooled through first-hand experience and apprenticeship into the music’s historic traditions, the PHJB has served as an irreplaceable, vital link to the earliest days of one of America’s most beloved forms of popular music. This September, the band released their box set, The 50th Anniversary Collection, as well as their live album from their acclaimed Carnegie Hall Performance, St. Peter & 57th Street.