Pura Vida For Good Music Festival Fundraisers

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Sunday, February 19, 2023

Pura Vida For Good is a newly formed Non-Profit based in Durango, Colorado with a mission to serve those suffering from Substance Abuse by establishing Recovery Home and Sober Living facilities in La Plata County, CO and San Juan County, NM.  This Non-Profit has been founded out of the momentum developing at Tico Time River Resort located between Aztec, NM and Durango, CO on the Animas River.

Tico Time River Resort started being developed in 2019 and the Resort quickly became a huge local attraction and camping destination.  In 2021 the Resort launched out on becoming a large music/wellness festival venue.  In 2022 Robert Holmes, founder of Tico Time, decided to use the momentum of Tico Time to give back to its local community.  Thus Pura Vida For Good was formed.

Going forward Tico Time’s 5 festivals will be held as fundraisers to raise capital and awareness for Pura Vida For Good’s Mission.  Although Pura Vida For Good will be raising as much capital on its own, the Non-Profit is in need of financial support to launch this project off the ground as rapidly as possible.

For more information regarding each Festival please see:

Tico Time Bluegrass Festival        May 11-14        www.ticotimebluegrassfest.com

“Pickin’ & Grinnin’ on the Animas River”

Rise & Vibes                 May 19-21        www.riseandvibes.com

“Roots and Reggae Rockin’ on the River”

Sangha Festival                July 14-16        www.sanghafest.org

“An experience of Wellness & Community”

Unison Festival                Sep 7-10        www.unisonfest.com

“Connection and Expression in Unison”

Serenity Festival                Sep 15-17        www.serenityfestival.org

“Uplifting Wellness of Mind, Body, and Spirit”