The Reverend Mofo

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Saturday, September 30, 2006

Music is changing for good, and for the better.

An experimental duo based on Long Island, NY, the reverend mofo is dedicated to crafting their fiercely independent, avant-garde soundscapes in a "zero overhead" model that helps to redefine the way in which 21st Century music is created and distributed.

With influences ranging from the Grateful Dead and Sonic Youth to Brian Eno and John Zorn, the reverend mofo picks up where "Drums/Space" leaves off.  Ranging from elegant, spiritual, ambient synth mode to futuristic electronica/techno to full blown guitar drone/noise rock - the mofo sound obliterates standard definitions of what music could or should be, but it's their approach that makes it possible, and thrilling.

Staying close to their mantra "artists in a room," all mofo work (studio and live) is undertaken in an environment of total spontaneity, where the absence of pre-conceived notions and a commitment to being in the moment allows for a freedom of expression that yields fascinating and endlessly varied results. 

Free downloads of their ever-expanding catalogue, regular internet postings of new material and their weekly live streaming feature "breakfast with the reverend" on Sunday mornings have been enjoyed by listeners from all over the United States as well as a global following that includes listeners from Great Britain, Scotland, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Israel, Jordan and the Ukraine.

With the growing presence of a legitimate world-wide experimental music scene and a viable way to access and nurture it, the reverend mofo has quite suddenly found itself on the edge of an important movement, one where the static and clutter of conventional music creation and distribution are easily bypassed and transcended. 

While culling, morphing and exploding their collective musical pasts and presents, the reverend mofo offers you a glimpse of the future...

FREE downloads and streams @: and www.myspace/com/thereverendmofo