Robert De Leo of Stone Temple Pilots Releases First Solo Album

Article Contributed by Kymm Britton | Published on Sunday, October 2, 2022

Robert De Leo, bassist and principal songwriter of the iconic band, Stone Temple Pilots is releasing his first solo album, Lessons Learned October 21, 2022. Listen to debut single “Love Is Not Made Of Gold” HERE.

If you’ve been paying attention since the 90s, you already know that De Leo’s range was always there in the hints of sophistication sparkling beneath the surface of the sound that cemented STP’s place as one of the defining bands of their era. Now for the first time, he’s pulling back the curtain to reveal the full breadth of his range. Lessons Learned bears many shades of De Leo in his full glory as a multi-instrumentalist.

STP listeners will recognize the signature chord changes right away, with new songs like “She Brings the Rain,” “What Will Be,” and “What’ll I Do,” shifting course and ascending ever so gracefully to the upper ozone of the musical spectrum, where gorgeous hummable melodies spill over into an array of reflective moods.

“The past few years of life have revealed many changes,” says Robert. “This collection of songs represents what has transpired. The journey and gift of songwriting has played such an important role for me. It’s been a close companion throughout my life.”

Robert played virtually all the instruments on the album, complimented by guest musicians and vocalists, all of which lend to the undeniable intimacy of the music.

The debut single, “Love Is Not Made Of Gold,” features vocalist Jimmy Gnecco.

“I needed to confess my feelings on that ever so mystical word…LOVE,” says Robert. “I wanted this song to come across in such a way that really hits where it hurts.”

Listen to “Love Is Not Made Of Gold” HERE

Like so much of De Leo’s body of work, Lessons Learned is the kind of record that feels so alive in the present and instantly soundtracks the moment for the listener.

“The path of love is unknown,” Robert concludes. “Your heart leads you in many different directions. These are my lessons learned.

Lessons Learned  Track Listing:  

1.     Big Sky Woman

2.     She Brings The Rain

3.     Love Is Not Made Of Gold

4.     Anew

5.     Put Aside Your Sorrows

6.     Lessons Learned

7.     What Will Be

8.     Everything

9.     What’ll I Do

10.  Is This Goodbye