Roni Ben-Hur Celebrates Baden Powell & Thelonious Monk

Article Contributed by Eigo | Published on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Guitarist, Roni Ben-Hur celebrates the music of two iconic musicians who had a major influence on his style, Brazilian guitarist and composer, Beden Powell, on February 17, and the high priest of jazz, Thelonious Monk, on February 18. For these two nights, Roni assembled a top flight quartet featuring the lyrical Steve Nelson on vibes, soulful bassist, Santi Debriano, and two separate drummers for each night, Helio Schiavo, who toured and recored with Baden Powell for over a decade, and Leroy Williams, who started his career as a member of Thelonious Monk's quartet. In these two concerts, Roni introduces a fresh and personal take on the music of Powell and Monk, while keeping a direct link to their original intent. Having Helio Schiavo and Leroy Williams in the group allows Roni, Steve and Santi to hear and feel first hand what Powell and Monk were like on the and off the stage, and gives their performance an added depth and perspective.

Ben-Hur, known for his sweet tone, infectious rhythm, lush harmonies and innovative improvisation straddles comfortably the world of straight ahead jazz and the realm of samba jazz.  He has collaborated and recorded with iconic figures of both worlds such as Barry Harris and Leny Andrade.  His most recent recordings, Manhattan Style (Jazz Heads) with the collaborative trio, Our Thing, featuring bassist Santi Debriano and drummer Duduka Da Fonseca, and Alegria De Viver (Motema Music) (  with Leny Andrade, showcase the guitarist mastery of what jazz is today, a potpourri of high art with influences from around the globe.  Roni has recored 11 CD's as a leader and co leader, and he continues to record, and tour and is an active educator, directing the jazz program at the Kaufman Center in New York City.